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Episode 6 – Jane The Virgin: Season 1


jane the virgin season 1

In the sixth episode of the Tunnel Vision Television podcast, Sara (@SaraLinnLinn) and Isabella (@isabellag08) are joined by guest and fellow contributor Laura (@yaheardwperd). They discuss The CW’s new drama/comedy Jane the Virgin about a young woman named Jane (played by Golden Globe® winner Gina Rodriguez) who gets accidentally artificially inseminated.

They talk about Jane’s characterization throughout the first season and her decision to remain a virgin, as well as various plot points, themes, and ideas explored on the show. They also discuss Jane’s family and the rest of the supporting characters including Petra and Sin Rostro. Plus, how amazing is Rogelio? Are they #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael? How is Jane The Virgin portraying sex compared to other dramas and comedies? What role does religion play on the show?

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Watch Jane the Virgin on The CW on Monday nights. The season finale will air on May 11 at 9pm.

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