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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 21 Recap: “In Plane Sight”

castle in plane sight

Once again, there’s a Castle season 7 episode where Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are separated throughout the whole episode. This time there isn’t any interaction at all as the majority of the action takes place while Castle is flying to London for a conference with his daughter Alexis.

Head nod to Castle for the airline’s name, Oceanic, which was the name of the airline in Lost.

But back to this week’s episode, which was written by Dara Creasey, who has previously written with her husband Chad. It’s a shame Creasey got saddled with this episode, as it proves again how plodding and boring Castle episodes are when the energy that got the show to a seventh season, Castle and Beckett on screen together solving crimes, is handcuffed by these separation antics.

The mystery on the plane centers around a missing air marshal who turns up dead. Castle’s reputation precedes him as the flight attendants know he is a mystery writer and works with the New York Police Department.

Castle does keep in contact with Beckett and even has her bring in the help of Ryan, Esposito and Tory. Alexis does a Facetime call with Lanie and gets her help in identifying how the air marshal died.

Of course, in the end, the case is solved and it isn’t terrorism or a bomb but a simple robbery. One of the flight attendants intended to steal a valuable watch being transported to London; he was wearing the watch, but the air marshal found out and the flight attendant killed him.

There are 23 episodes of Castle this season and if we could cut away filler episodes like this one, I would gladly concede the episode number down to 13 if it meant fans could have Castle and Beckett solving crime together. I understand Castle and Alexis have a special father and daughter bond but I don’t tune in for the Castle and Alexis show – I tune in to see a mystery writer solving crime with his muse and now wife.

A saving grace to the episode was the scenes showing Beckett worrying about Castle and the situation he is in – especially when she watched the flight tracker on her computer to make sure the plane was still in the air. Also, Beckett’s words of encouragement to Castle during the investigation assuring him he has done this hundreds of times with her and he can do it now.

There are two episodes left his season and it could be the last two episodes of the series itself. Here’s hoping the final two episodes focus on the date that got them there – Castle and Beckett solving crime together and not waste the audience’s time on supporting characters.