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‘Bates Motel’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Unbreak-able”

bates motel unbreakable

After the death of Annika (Tracy Spiridakos), Norma’s (Vera Farmiga) forced to lie to Romero (Nestor Carbonell) and Norman (Freddie Highmore), while entrusting Dylan (Max Thieriot) with the USB she was given that could potentially alter their lives for the better.

Rather than pile this information up on Norman, who’s already very fragile, she chooses to get Dylan’s help in trying to find a way into the USB. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Norman at all, but rather, brings out his manipulative side even more. He believes that, because of everything that’s happened, the family dynamic has changed. He’s had his mother to himself for so long, he just can’t get around to sharing.

To try to get back at his mother, Norman tries to over-flirt with Emma (Olivia Cooke), but this ends up hurting his relationship with Emma. While on a date in an abandoned cabin, Norman lets it slip that Norma thinks Emma (and Norman) shouldn’t have sex because it might kill her. She furiously leaves saying, “I didn’t know your mother was coming on this date with us.”

Dylan, on the other hand, is very willing to help Norma out with the USB because he doesn’t want the danger it could entail if they were to find out Norma has it. After spending seasons (for us) and years (for them), Dylan’s finally at a stable place in his relationship with his mother, but that could all go down the drain if she were to find out he’s hiding her brother and rapist, Caleb (Kenny Johnson), in his plot of land.

Although Dylan understands that what his father did is wrong, he still feels torn between helping his father and mother. The problem is that Dylan cares immensely for people. This is why after Caleb explains, in tears, that he doesn’t care if Norma ever forgives him, he just wants the chance to say he’s sorry, Dylan seems to pity him. It’s in his nature to care about people, especially when they seem to be at their most vulnerable. And right now, Norma may feel strong and willing to take on whatever might come with having the USB drive in her hands, but Dylan gets a taste of the danger that might come. After coming across Paris (Kevin Rahm) and one of his men looking through the motel office, he knows it’s not safe to keep the USB there. When he tells Norma they should call Romero for help, Norman overhears their “secretive agitative whispering” and decides to ask them what they’re hiding from him. They somewhat gang up on him, causing him to storm off.

To keep the cops out of the situation, they decide that Dylan can go hide it on his farm — as long as it’s not in the house because Dylan doesn’t want anything to happen to Norma. She gratefully and lovingly hugs him (one of the only ones we’ve ever gotten, I might add), but as he’s on his way out, Norman stops him and again asks him what they were talking about. To get him off his trail, Dylan just says it doesn’t concern him and leaves.

Norman, because he can’t chill for one second, follows him all the way to the farm in Norma’s car. Dylan gets a chance to hide the USB in the weed timer and also talk to Caleb. As they walk out, Norman confronts them and asks if this has been what they’ve been keeping from him. Dylan lies and tells him they’ve actually been talking about him and his state of mind. Norman runs to tell his mother that Dylan’s hiding her rapist, but Dylan pleads with him, “Everything I’ve built with mom, it’ll all be destroyed.”

Norman’s frustration at Dylan and Norma’s new-found bond comes to a head when he chooses to end it, “You’ve already destroyed it. You betrayed mother and she needs to know.” A shocked Dylan watches Norman drive off to end, quite possibly, the only relationship he cared so much about preserving.


  • Is it bad that I laughed when Norman saw Annika’s body and kept repeating “Did I do it?” I mean, he even asked Dylan.
  • Can Norman just stop using Emma to make Norma jealous? It’s gross and she deserves better. She deserves someone like Dylan. I mean, that’s not too farfetched, right?
  • “You’re a little out of the loop these days.” Have I mentioned how excited I am to see more of Romero’s backstory? Especially if it’s going to include this creepy Twin Peaks-esque One-Eyed Jack’s type club?
  • I live for Norma’s sass… and also any and all Normero scenes.
  • Is Dylan going to call Norma “mom” at all? If he does, I swear, tears will be gushing out of my eyes.
  • Do you know how much I love Norma’s love for Dylan? And then this show. This show has to mess it up. Not even. Norman was the one who messed it up. Can’t we just have one nice thing? One?!
  • Caleb’s pitiful “sorry” at the end. Jesus.