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What To Watch Tonight: Cookie Uncovers Anika’s Secret on ‘Empire’

empire cookie anika

8pm on CBS. “Heavy lifting at camp causes a disagreement; a castaway has trouble adapting.” Poor So Kim got voted out in the premiere episode. But Worlds Apart is shaping up to be a very interesting season with some very dynamic characters and personalities. We already have a Survivor love triangle on the No Collar camp between Vince, Jenn, and Joe. Mike ate a scorpion. And White Collar takes a page from Richard Hatch‘s book and goes nude in tonight’s episode.

9pm on FOX. “Cookie uncovers Anika’s secret; Lucious must face his rival; the Lyon sons take drastic measures.” Andre is losing his mind and playing Russian roulette in the recording studio. Jamal came out! And Cookie remains as flawless as ever. Empire is so good, you guys.

The 100
9pm on The CW. “Wick and Raven are faced with a setback; Maya and Jasper witness a terrible act.”

9:30pm on ABC. “Dre tries to arrange an amazing vow renewal for his and Bow’s 15th anniversary.”

CSI: Cyber
10pm on CBS. “Special Agent Avery and her team of cyber analysts tackle a case involving hacked baby monitors.” I can tell this show is going to be terrible. And the 30% rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes seems to agree with me.