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‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 3 Recap: “Crazy Is As Crazy Does”

In the Survivor: Worlds Apart premiere, Carolyn from White Collar found the hidden immunity idol (despite So and Joaquin having the clue). And last week, No Collar went to tribal council because of Will’s poor challenge performance. Vince ended up going home because of Will’s vote against him.

survivor white collar

White Collar

Shirin has fun with the howler monkeys. She rushes back to camp to tell her tribe mates about seeing monkey sex, but they don’t react very enthusiastically. Her weirdness and chattiness is apparently rubbing her tribe mates the wrong way. Tyler says she’s desperate to fit in and it shows. In reality, she’s just painting a big black X on her back with her antics.

The White Collar tribe is looking for the immunity idol, but unbeknownst to everyone (except Tyler), Carolyn has the idol. Shirin wants to make a truce with everyone to stop looking for the idol until the next immunity challenge, but Joaquin refuses to go along with it.

Joaquin is absolutely fed up with Shirin. He thinks she’s a “bloodthirsty leech” and with Joaquin feeling like he’s on the outs, finding the idol is very important to him. He decides to show Tyler the clue to the idol, which gains Tyler’s trust. (I don’t think Joaquin is on the outs as much as he thinks.)

Tyler has a strong feeling that Shirin is going to be at the top of everyone’s list to go home if they lose the next immunity challenge.

survivor blue collar

Blue Collar

At the Blue Collar camp, Dan says his biggest weakness is that he can’t keep his mouth shut. He tells Rodney that his mother is a whore… but his joke doesn’t exactly land. Rodney gets upset and thinks Dan really crossed the line, although Kelly says in her confessional (it’s about time we heard from her) that Rodney can be a drama queen.

Mike has a strong work ethic and he thinks the Blue Collar people should be working all the time. Rodney is sick and tired of Mike being very pushy with everyone. He goes on a rant about Mike to Dan.

Mike and Lindsey also get into an argument over camp life. Mike doesn’t think the others are hard workers and Lindsey points out all the things they’ve done like keeping the fire going and getting water and firewood. Things escalate when Lindsey brings up Mike’s religion and bashes God — which doesn’t look for Lindsey’s long-term chances.

survivor crazy is as crazy does

No Collar

Will loses Joe’s trust because he voted for Vince instead of sticking to the split vote plan.

Meanwhile, Nina is upset and plays the victim. She tells the other No Collar people that she knows that she’s the next one to go and she just wants to enjoy her last few days. The others try to lift her spirits by saying that she should keep playing the game.

The next day, Hali and Jenn decide to go body surfing. Hali says surfing is her number 3 passion in life. With Vince gone, Joe feels like some of the paranoia has left the tribe. He kills a lizard and invites the others to eat it. Joe reveals that he grew up around the deaf community a lot because of his mom’s occupation, so he wants to build a friendship with Nina and make her feel included. But Nina is struggling. She explains how she used to be White Collar until she lost her hearing and is starting to realize that she has her limitations when it comes to being No Collar.

No Collar loses the immunity challenge (Blue Collar gets first and wins the reward) thanks to Joe’s strategy. He feels bad about screwing Nina over. The vote is going to come down to Will and Nina; Jenn thinks they suck equally at challenges.

Ultimately, Nina is voted out (3-2).


  • “White Collar people are like that” and “Blue Collar does this“… They really need to stop shoving the Collar stuff down our throats.
  • I felt sorry for Nina, but I wasn’t rooting for her. So I’m not upset that she went home.
  • Tyler and Hali are my winner picks. Everyone else came off looking pretty bad, unless you were invisible like Sierra.