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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: “Tempting Fate”

reign tempting fate

In this week’s episode of Reign, Mary’s plans to leave for Scotland are thwarted when her emissary is killed and her letters go missing.

Her worries continue when Mary learns Conde has been entertaining the idea of wedding the English Queen, Elizabeth. She believes Conde has betrayed her and cuts things off with him. Conde tells her he was just biding his time and had no plans of marrying Elizabeth. Mary and Conde realize, no matter if Mary believes him or not, if they don’t leave France they will be caught for all the plans they have been forming.

They trick the English emissary, who was sent to broker a deal with Conde and Elizabeth, into believing he is being charged with consorting with a known Protestant. As a result, they’re able to figure out the best route to leave France for Scotland without running into sympathizers for England. This also keeps Conde from suffering the wrath of Elizabeth.

Narcisse learns of Mary’s plan when he intercepts her letters; he goes to Catherine with the information. They return the letters to Mary, making her believe they are unopened. This sets up Conde and Mary to continue their plans.

Meanwhile, Leith tries to get Francis to approve an annulment for Greer but Francis refuses. This leads Leith to a local Cardinal and when Leith admits he has ties to the King, this catches the Cardinal’s interest. Also of note for Leith — he has been assigned to be Princess Claude’s bodyguard.

On the Bash and Kenna side of things, Bash leaves Kenna and goes out to survey the countryside; he sees a corrupt sheriff and plans to relieve him of his duties. He asks Kenna to stay married to him until she can find a more suitable husband. After Bash fires the corrupt sheriff, he is mortally stabbed in the woods by the fired sheriff. As he lays dying in the snow, he is saved by the nun he met weeks ago who claims she can heal people. He learns she really isn’t a nun and when he asks her to save him, she does.

The episode ends with Mary foolishly sleeping with Conde, proving she may have tendencies to be the ruthless Queen she needs to be to rule — but she is still a foolish girl.

While Mary is having sex with Conde, Francis falls ill. This terrifies Catherine who believes Nostradamus’ vision from last season is coming true. Narcisse tries to calm her and they end up having sex. The episode ends with proof that Francis’ illness might be dire as he begins to bleed from his ear.