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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 16 Recap: “Tasting Revenge”

reign tasting revenge

For a time on Reign, it seemed Mary was going to morph into a true queen instead of a vapid, unsympathetic character. That time has passed.

In a storyline that continues to milk drama for drama’s sake, Mary is whining like a petulant child because now she doesn’t want Francis anymore — she wants Conde. After fighting for almost the whole first season to marry Francis, now she doesn’t want him anymore.

Mary’s excuse? She was raped and blames Francis for what happened… yet she can allow another man to touch her? She even has the nerve to ask Francis for his permission to sleep with another man. Francis does bring up the issue of a queen’s adultery being treason, but Mary doesn’t seem to care.

All she cares about is running back to Scotland with Conde. After Conde is caught by his brother, Antoine, with Mary, Antoine threatens to tell Francis. (Antoine wants Conde to court the English Queen, Elizabeth.)

Lola is the voice of reason, telling Francis maybe he needs to let go of Mary to get her back. This is exactly what he tells Mary who runs to Conde with her happy news. However, Mary is about to get played. The episode ends with Conde meeting with Queen Elizabeth’s contact about courting her.

Mary is being played just like Kenna. Antoine woos her with pretty words and promises of being his queen after his ailing wife dies. All she has to do is leave Bash. Unsure about his intentions, Kenna invites Antoine’s wife to French Court. Here the truth comes out: Antoine’s wife isn’t dying, she’s pregnant.

Antoine admits to Kenna he was just using her to get back at Bash, though he does try to offer her the position of his mistress. Antoine leaves one parting gift for Bash — the letter Kenna sent to Antoine’s wife inviting her to the castle. When confronted, Kenna admits she entertained Antoine’s offer which causes Bash to storm out in a huff.

The only true couple that finds happiness is Greer and Leith. Leith finds Greer, who is making her living as a madam in the village. He is shocked by what she is doing and leaves for a time but comes back, stating he just wants her any way he can have her.