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Natalia Kills & Willy Moon Attack X Factor Hopeful And Earn Global Fury

natalia kills x factor

Ouch. That’s what you call one hell of an exit.

Following possibly the cruelest critique of a talent show hopeful — and given we’re living in a world where Simon Cowell used to make contestants sob and earned himself the title of ‘TV’s Mr Nasty’, that’s quite a feat — British pop star Natalia Kills and her husband, singer Willy Moon, have both been fired from The X Factor New Zealand panel after critiquing contestant Joe Irvine.

Their critique started with Kills claiming that Irvine’s look — gel-slicked-back hair and a suit — was offensive and copied her husband’s own look, before saying that she wasn’t going to dignify his performance with a response. Moon then went on the attack, claiming that Irvine looked like fictional serial killer Norman Bates, and as if he was going to cut someone’s face off to wear and then kill the entire audience. Kills then returned for another bout of insults, during which Irvine remained smiling and upbeat.

Yeah. Not either Kills’ nor Moon’s finest moment.

Following a global backlash, including the pair’s fellow judge Melanie Blatt turning on them for their comments, the pair were sacked and publicly disgraced by social media and the news. Irvine, meanwhile, earned support for his admirable performance in enduring the stinging critique from singers such as fellow Kiwi Lorde who sent encouraging cupcakes and a handwritten note to the contestant.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, or on Kills and Moon themselves, we want to hear about it in the comments below. Was their exit too quick? Should they have been allowed to apologise? Does this mean their careers are doomed?