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‘Empire’ Season 1 Episode 10: “Sins of the Father”

empire sins of the father

Last time on Empire, Andre had to be sedated and taken to a mental health clinic. In “Sins of the Father,” we open on Andre at the clinic; his family (except Lucious because Lucious is an awful human being) is there to support him. Andre even gets a music therapist, Michelle White (guest star Jennifer Hudson). Cookie who’s been locked in the slammer for the past 17 years has never heard of bipolar disorder before and thinks this is all “white people problems.”

Andre reveals that he was first diagnosed in his junior year of college. That’s when he had his first psychotic break. We find out through flashbacks (which feature a guest appearance by Mary J. Blige) that Andre came home from college acting extremely manic and not like himself.

Cookie is heartbroken that she couldn’t be there for Andre.

Back at the office, Lucious and Vernon are discussing the fact that he’s giving Cookie the same amount of shares as his sons. He’s still upset with Vernon about the “coup” he attempted with Andre. But he’s more upset with Vernon because he’s “from the streets,” whereas Andre is book smarts (also his son). (Lucious refuses to visit Andre at the clinic because he can’t accept that his son has a mental illness.)

Malcolm visits Cookie in her office to say that he’ll be keeping his distant from her because he’s falling for her. Of course, they end up making out instead.

Jamal records a song about his daughter, Lola. He tells Ryan that he’s thinking about taking her in, but Ryan admits that he doesn’t exactly see children in his future… which makes things a little awkward between them. Meanwhile, Olivia’s (guest star Raven-Symoné) abusive ex-boyfriend accosts her at the bus stop (how did he find her). He wants Olivia to take him to see Lola (who’s been having nightmares about him).

Andre doesn’t want to go sign the IPO papers. If Lucious doesn’t want to see him “like this,” then there’s no point in Andre going because “this” is who he is. He tells lonely and heartbroken Rhonda to act as his proxy instead and kicks her out.

That night, Cookie tells Lucious that she wants him to be a better father and to stop being so self-serving all the time. And she wants to produce his tribute concert under her banner, “Cookie Lyon Presents.”

Vernon is using drugs again (I think Lucious pushed him over the edge earlier in the episode). Olivia and Reggie, the abusive ex, approach him at the club. They’re looking for Lola. Vernon considers taking them.

Hakeem performs his new song in front of the family (sans Andre and Rhonda). Lucious wants to know about Camilla’s motives for seeing Hakeem and asks her to name her price. He knows that she’s in debt and that her business is failing, but Camilla doesn’t bite. Malcolm comes over to escort Camilla to the airport. With no other choice but to go with Malcolm, Camilla rips up the check that Lucious hands her and promises that she’ll be back as soon as she hears that Lucious is dead. She wishes him a miserable death before leaving.

In a cute moment, Jamal and Hakeem put Lola to sleep by singing her the song that Jamal wrote for her earlier.

Rhonda comes over to sign the papers. Lucious isn’t happy, of course. He thinks she’s a typical country club rich white girl and Rhonda finally stands up for herself. She’s been married to Andre for ten years and yet Lucious still doesn’t know anything about her. Turns out she’s not rich; Rhonda has worked hard her whole life. She also calls out Lucious when she sees that Andre’s shares have been reduced from 1 million to 750 thousand. Lucious says he did it for Cookie. Rhonda points out that he took it out from his son’s shares and kept all of his. You go, Rhonda.

Vernon comes over with Olivia and Reg. Elsewhere, Camilla is in tears on her way to the airport and Jennifer Hudson sings for Andre during their music therapy session. She convinces Andre to pray with her.

BIGGEST TWIST OF THE SEASON. When Reg pulls a gun on Jamal, Lucious reveals that he’s Lola’s father. He convinced Olivia to marry Jamal in exchange for making her a star, which never happened. But Jamal wouldn’t sleep with Olivia, so Lucious took it upon himself and he impregnated Olivia. OMG.

Malcolm saves the day by shooting Reg in the head.

The next day, everyone says their goodbyes as Lola leaves with Olivia.

Cookie rejects Lucious’ offer to get back together, knowing that he’s still as selfish as ever; he just doesn’t want to die alone. She approaches Malcolm and asks him to take her somewhere private.

Season finale is next week! Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.