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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 19 Recap: “Habeas Corpse”

castle habeas corpse

This week’s episode of Castle, penned by Rob Hanning, was fun, breezy and full of banter. There were some fun and sweet moments between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett — as well as some hilarious banter between Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. It was an episode that reminds fans why Castle can be so good — when the writers stick with the formula which made the show successful in the first place.

The case of the week involved the death of an injury attorney whose snap ads, with his face on the body of a pitbull, gave him some notoriety. But the case was overshadowed by the healthy dose of competition that began brewing between Castle and Esposito, with Ryan and Beckett the bystanders watching their respective partners volley back and forth.

It’s the annual policeman’s talent show to raise money. Ryan and Esposito have won the last two years and Castle tells them if he could compete (he isn’t an official member of the precinct), he and Beckett would beat them.

Castle gets his wish when Jimmy Kimmel backs out as the celebrity guest and Captain Gates begrudgingly asks Castle to be the celebrity guest. He immediately says yes, dragging Beckett in. Beckett is hesitant to do the talent contest. She’s afraid she will mess up though Castle assures her she sounds great in the shower when they sing together. Wait, hold up…. Castle and Beckett sing together in the shower?

Hilarity ensues as Beckett and Esposito continue to raise the stakes on their bet. This continues to stress Beckett out. In fact, while practicing their routine at home, Beckett shares with Martha, who was coaching them, that she was afraid she would mess up and didn’t want to let Castle down. See, she has stage fright. Martha tries to reassure her, but seems to no avail.

As for the case, it was quite vanilla. Perhaps it was because of all the great nuggets of scenes between the cast. In the end, the injury attorney was killed because he was trying to prove a car companies air bags were faulty and had caused numerous accidents. An opposing attorney, who had a stake in the injury case that hurt a woman in an accident, turned out to be the killer.

Despite the case being kind of boring, the audience got one of the most amazing end scenes of Castle history. Just as the night of the talent show was closing in, Gates tells Castle that Kimmel is back in and Castle is out.

Beckett knows her husband and realizes Castle called his buddy Kimmel and asked him to reconsider doing the show. She just wants to know why. Why? Castle overheard Beckett talking to Martha and didn’t want to put that much pressure on Beckett. What a good husband.

And the end scene that has Castle fans smiling the rest of the evening? In a way, the audience did get to see Castle and Beckett’s talent routine. As the camera panned through their bedroom, and the scattered bits of clothing, the audience sees the silhouette of Castle and Beckett in the shower singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Fandom dead!!!

And on a final note, Esposito and Ryan won the talent contest. Three-time champions.

Bonus Observation: Castle asks Beckett in the beginning of the episode if she regretted not going to law school. She tells him no but I am wondering if it was a kernel of information that may come up later. I have always thought Beckett would eventually go back to school to get her law degree.