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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: “Coup de Grâce”

the 100 coup de grace

Of course this episode would start with Bellamy (Bob Morley) in pain. Of course. This is what The 100 does. It takes everyone you care about and hurts them, but don’t worry. It’s worth the risk. And, I’m sorry Bellamy, but it actually is. Everyone’s relying on him to turn off the acid fog and if he dies, then they all die.

After Bellamy endures an excruciating and painful shower, while being chained up and scrubbed raw, he’s placed into a cage along with the other Grounders they caught with him. After creating a hesitant alliance with the Grounder in the cage next to him, Echo (Tasya Teles), the Mountain Men come in and choose her for harvesting. To move their attention to himself, he causes a ruckus in his cage and they choose him for harvesting instead. His blood is particularly strong as he’s from the Ark.

After days since Monty (Christopher Larkin)  first disappeared and was taken, Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) caught on that “everything is not okay” and decides to “do something stupid.” He goes to President Wallace (Raymond J. Barry) to ask for the truth (where his friends are, about the Ark, etc.) all while holding a sword to his neck. Their roles are reversed when Wallace gets a hold of the sword, but he doesn’t choose to incriminate Jasper. Rather, he assists him in helping his friends.

They walk in on another bone marrow transfusion being performed on Harper (Chelsey Reist) as Monty watches on. President Wallace is so disgusted at what he sees that he imprisons Dr. Tsing (Rekha Sharma) and tells Jasper, Monty, and Harper to gather their friends because they’re going home. Nothing on this show is ever that easy. When Wallace confronts his son Cage (Johnny Whitworth) about what he’s been doing, he’s surprised to find that the soldiers don’t listen to him anymore when he orders them, but to his son.

While riding back to Camp Jaha on horseback, an assassination attempt is made on Clarke (Eliza Taylor) by Mountain Men, but it misses her and hits another Grounder. One of the Grounders patrolling the area was able to shoot the Mountain Man shooter in the neck causing the bullet to hit someone else. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Indra (Adina Porter) are among those Grounders and although the second Mountain Man tries to run off, Octavia’s able to rip his suit (remember, if too much radiation gets into their suit, they’ll die) and is about to slit his neck when Clarke intervenes. They’re going to keep him alive and see what information he can give them.

the 100 clarke

After hearing that the patient she’s looking after is getting a 25-minute blood transfusion (the longest amount of time so far), Maya (Eve Harlow) assumes they’re using the blood of someone from the Ark. She’s right. She goes investigating into the Harvesting chambers and finds Bellamy hung upside down. After reviving him, she gets interrupted by Lovejoy, a Mountain Man soldier. She lies and says Bellamy’s dead, so while Lovejoy starts to take him down, Bellamy’s able to attack him. With the help of Maya and Echo, Bellamy gains the upperhand and chokes Lovejoy to death.

Now dressed in Lovejoy’s uniform, Bellamy’s able to walk around Mount Weather under no suspicion. On the way to the dorms, they come across a young boy who tells Bellamy about his dad who’s training to be a ground unit. He tells the boy that that’s pretty cool, but as the boy walks off, he notices the last name on the backpack: Lovejoy. He killed that boy’s dad.

Maya and Bellamy walk off and find the dorms just as soon as the doors bar the rest of the 47 in. Cage acted pretty quickly to ensure that they wouldn’t be able to leave. Now Bellamy has to settle for the 2nd part of his plan, radio in to Clarke. Just as soon as Clarke’s lost hope on what else to do, she hears his voice. With a big sigh of relief and a small smile on her face, she listens into what he has to say. He’ll disable the acid fog with the help of Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and release the Grounder prisoners, while Clarke thinks up of a plan to bring the attention away from him as he’s doing this and a plan to safely get everyone out without harming those inside Mount Weather, especially the children.

Clarke decides to send their Mountain Man prisoner back to Mount Weather in order to deliver a message, “We’re coming for you.” They have one last chance to let their people go, and they’ll let them live, if not they have a giant Grounder army that will attack. But there’s a catch, the walk back to Mount Weather takes 8 hours, Clarke’s only giving him 6. This is all going to help Bellamy because they’ll be looking more at Clarke and the Grounders, than him. Now it’s up to Bellamy to finish the job.

“Bellamy is the key to everything. If he dies, we die.”


  • I missed Commander Princess Lexa this week. Where was she?
  • If I wasn’t so invested in the Bellamy/Clarke ship, I’d dig Bellamy/Echo. Who am I kidding? Bellamy could have chemistry with a mop and I’d ship it.
  • Clarke is such a badass with all the Grounders following her, I can’t take it. The showoff between her and Abby.