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‘Shameless’ Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: “Crazy Love”

shameless crazy love

So Lip’s off to college again, Ian ran away, Fiona saw Jimmy/Steve again for the first time in forever, and Sammi and her son moved in with the Gallaghers because their trailer got towed away. Let’s see what’s in store for this week…

Initially she’s not happy about seeing Jimmy (yeah, we’re just gonna stick with calling him Jimmy) again. After beating the crap out of him, she gets a call from Mickey informing her that Ian ran away. All the Gallaghers (plus the half-Gallagher Sammi) try to figure out where Ian could possibly have gone — and calling the cops to help is completely out of the question. There’s a knock at the door and Jimmy invites himself in the middle of their dilemma. He and Fiona argue on the front lawn, and Jimmy asks her if she still loves him. Even though her answer is no, the two wind up kissing while all her siblings secretly watch from the window. Even though she’s happily married to Gus, she later sleeps with Jimmy behind his back. She’s extremely conflicted about her feelings toward Gus and Jimmy and cries out of guilt. So it goes…

He’s stolen the car and his boyfriend Mickey’s baby, Yevgeny. Ian cheerfully explains to Yevgeny that they’re headed to Florida to get away from their problems. Ian is unaware that back home, everyone is panicking. Svetlana, the baby’s mother, threatens to call the cops on Ian, but Mickey objects, as he and Ian are not exactly on good terms with the law. It also definitely doesn’t help that their house is still full of suitcases that Ian stole from the airport a little while ago. Mickey tries to call Ian, but his efforts are in vain. Meanwhile, Ian proves he is incapable of taking care of an infant (I swear, I was on the edge of my seat hoping nothing would happen to the poor baby), and ends up leaving Yevgeny alone in the locked car with all the windows up. He comes back to find cops trying to pry the door open and get the baby out. Ian of course freaks out, takes Yevgeny (who is totally fine albeit traumatized), and runs away like a maniac, bringing the cops to the realization that Ian is probably mentally unsound. He is taken in and Mickey, Fiona, Debbie and Lip come to bring him and Yevgeny back home.

He’s back to school early and is going about his duties as a dorm room resident assistant. He is bombarded by clueless freshmen, overprotective parents, and porn-watching stoners as he goes about his day. He comes back to his room and while he’s venting about his day to his girlfriend Amanda, he gets the call about Ian’s disappearance, and goes back home for a bit to help his family.

He’s been kicked out of his donor’s parents’ house (which was a very weird arrangement indeed) and is walking the streets again, this time clutching his abdomen in pain. He tries to go back to the Gallagher’s house, but his daughter Sammi is still pissed at him for not buying her the new trailer he promised. She locks all the bedroom doors and refuses Frank any food so that he’s forced to crash on the couch. Later on his pain continues to get worse, and it turns out his body has begun rejecting the liver. No surprises there as he hasn’t been taking his anti-rejection medicine. Bet he wishes he had his wife Sheila there to obsessively remind him about it. Nobody is sympathetic to Frank about his problems (and for good reason). Not even the doctor at the hospital treating him for his liver problem. She warns him that if he doesn’t take care of himself, he will be “shit out of luck.”

Before starting her first day of high school, she gets unsolicited advice from a now very matronly Sammi on how to avoid high school problems, like being raped by the wrestling team, by dressing conservatively and etcetera. Debbie is pissed to find out Sammi is implementing new rules, like a 10 pm curfew. That means no more wild parties with badass beer so long as Sammi’s around. High school turns out to be an intimidating place, and on the first day she gets threatened by one of the toughest girls in school, who dares Debbie to fight her. It turns out Debbie’s cat fight video went viral and nearly everyone at the school knows who she is. Derek, fellow boxing enthusiast and resident knight in shining armor, comes to Debbie’s aid and tells the girl to bug off. Debbie is nervous of the fact that other girls at the school might want to fight her because of that video.

Kevin and Veronica
V is telling Fiona that she and Kev are thinking of splitting up. Even though Fiona wants to talk about what’s going on in her life, she tells her it’s nothing and lets V get ready for work. V is grateful to Fiona for listening to her. The two are both in a really dark place right now. Meanwhile, Kev is in the park venting about his marriage to the lady that gave him a hand job last episode, and she’s not exactly sympathetic. The two have yet to come to a resolution.

Ian’s family and Mickey finally drive him to a mental health institution. Mickey expresses his extreme guilt for having been in denial about Ian’s mental health and he regrets not getting Ian help any sooner. They finally arrive, and everyone hugs Ian goodbye as he begins his treatment for his disorder.

This was definitely a heavy one. Even with the occasional laughs sprinkled in, it couldn’t lighten up the somber mood at the end when Ian gets admitted for mental help. Even though he is in desperate need of treatment, it’s clear that he will be missed. It won’t be easy for everyone to go back to normal after what just happened. Of course, there’s Fiona’s new drama with Jimmy, Frank’s nearly dying from liver-rejection, and V and Kev’s near-divorce, but I have to admit, the biggest standout of this episode was Ian’s finally hitting rock bottom.

Cameron Monaghan couldn’t have done a better job while portraying Ian’s breakdown. My heart broke when Ian was cornered in the grocery store — he was frightened and extremely sorry for his behavior. Putting into motion the thoughts of a bipolar teenager feeling guilty for actions he can hardly control is no easy task, and I applaud the actor for doing so very convincingly. Noel Fisher also tugged at my heartstrings, from the intense guilt and worry shown on Mickey’s face to when he nervously cocks a gun before he checks the front door. I’m worried that he might not hold out while Ian’s in therapy, but I’m relieved to see that he’s finally realized that Ian is seriously ill. It’s unfortunate that it had to take a porno and a kidnapping to prove that to him… I wonder how everyone is going to cope next time with Ian not around, or how Ian will react to the treatment, for that matter.