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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 15 Recap: “Forbidden”

reign forbidden

Adultery by a queen, no matter her status, is treason. Just ask Anne Boleyn who lost her head over it.

So I have issues with Mary saying that she’s going to leave France behind and go to Scotland with Conde — that she’s going to ask Conde to be by her side and to really “be” with her. I’m sorry, but Reign isn’t set in the 21st century — this is an era where men rule and women submit. Even if she’s the queen of a very powerful country. The writers are making Mary seem like a naive fool, especially after they spent the last half of season one and the first part of season two making it seem like she’s finally learning what being a ruler truly means.

The ending of the episode is a culmination of Mary’s mother’s return to France, as they are burying her brother, the Duke of Guise — the same Duke of Guise who was framed for poisoning Henry.

Mary’s mother questions why she hasn’t produced an heir yet. She pushes Mary by describing the tenuous state of Scotland — what with Queen Elizabeth wielding her power in England and vying to rule Scotland.

Mary buys into her mother’s suggestions for an heir and approaches Francis about trying to have a physical relationship. On the night they try to become intimate again, neither can go through with it and it leads to a huge blow-up where Mary admits she may never be able to be with Francis again and that she’s developed feelings for Conde instead.

In another relationship snag, Antoine pulls a full-court press on Kenna in his attempt to seek revenge on Bash. This is an easy feat since Bash is consumed with his work and continues to ignore and leave Kenna to her own devices. Antoine talks Kenna into helping him plan a party and Kenna jumps at the chance to be useful and do something besides sit around and wait for Bash to come home.

When Antoine plots to have Kenna dress for the party at his home, and sabotage the delivery of a letter Kenna has written to Bash to meet her at the party, he sets in motion a blow-up between Bash and Kenna. This leads to Antoine approaching Kenna, telling her that he wants to marry her and that her marriage to Bash can be annulled since it was arranged by a deranged king.

Meanwhile, Lola is verbally attacked by Mary’s mother for her tryst with Francis and for having his child. So Lola decides to take a drink from Mary’s mother’s glass. She’s very loose-lipped the remainder of the night and acts informally with both Francis and Narcisse. Conde is surprised by Lola’s behavior and even more surprised when she tells him that she drank Mary’s mother’s wine.

Conde tells Mary what happened to Lola and she confronts her mother, believing she’s abusing an opiate substance. Mary is floored when she finds out her mother is dying and she has been pressuring her because she knows Mary will be truly alone soon enough.

But Mary proclaims that she has always been alone — and she will survive it all because she is taking control of her life. This leads to Mary’s revelation at the end of the episode that she has to go back to Scotland — and she asks Conde to accompany her.

What frustrates me about this rape storyline with Mary is that she has become so closed off to Francis. I would understand if he acted like Mary was tainted goods because of what happened to her, but he doesn’t. He has been nothing by supportive of her. The writers are forcing a love triangle upon the story and, in the process, they’re making Mary look weak. She can’t get over what happened to her, but she can go off and moon over Conde — a man she barely knows? It wipes away all of last season when she fought so hard to be with Francis.

Now this love triangle is really becoming a love square because Francis is becoming interested in Lola. Here’s a woman who doesn’t have any issues with him and already had his child. So, guess where this is going…?