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‘Jane The Virgin’ Recap: “Chapter Thirteen”

jane the virgin chapter thirteen

And the baby’s going to be a — well, we actually don’t know what sex he or she will be because Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) are given some pretty concerning information.

The ultrasound shows a small bright spot on the baby’s heart and bowel. In order to find out more about whether the baby will be born with chromosomal abnormalities, Jane must undergo an amniocentesis. Along with making up her mind about whether to go through with this or not, Jane’s forced to think about what she might do if something is wrong. Whether or not she gets the procedure done, it won’t change how much she’ll love her baby.

After a lot of stressful worrying and weighing the options, Jane ends up choosing the amniocentesis. This also shows her first sacrifice as a mother. On one hand, she’s had a fear of needles since she was very young, but through this she has to overcome that. On the other, she has to miss her graduation ceremony because her doctor’s booked solid and there’s no other day he can do it.

Meanwhile, Sin Rose-tro’s (Bridget Regan) doing her part playing the distressed wife. After meeting with Emilio’s former assistant, Michael (Brett Dier) and Nadine (Azie Tesfai) find out that he had been having an affair. They tell Rose this news and that they’re still looking for his girlfriend, but this all comes as a complete shock to her. She may be lying about everything else, like killing her husband, but she had no idea this was happening behind her back. Once they’re gone, she makes a very suspicious call to a mystery person and tells them they have to speed up their timeline.

Michael and Nadine find and meet with Whitney Devore (Alex Lombard), Emilio’s former mistress, who tells them that Emilio’s alibi for the night the bellhop was murdered in the hotel is valid. He spent the night with her on the boat and she had pictures with dates on them to prove it. She also brings up the fact that Emilio called Rose and told her he’d be on the boat, not in the office, as Rose told the two detectives. Michael realizes that Rose lied to them. This moment leads Michael to pull all the pieces together from her designing the suites with the hidden passageway to convincing Rafael that Sin Rostro was his own father. She had it planned from the beginning to set Emilio up. What’s worse, Rose has gone missing. They realized all of this just a little too late.

Back to Jane, the amnio went well, but she’s on bed rest. While Rafael spends the night with her, he tells her the news that he’ll be selling a part of the hotel and she made the right choice. She doesn’t think so. She thinks what she did was selfish because she focused on what she needed. Rafael assures her she is far from it. She’s already sacrificed so much for this baby.

To make her feel better, Rafael — with the help of Jane’s family — hosts a small graduation ceremony in her bedroom. Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) gives a beautiful emotional speech about how inspiring Jane is because of the choices she makes and how she chooses to live her life. So cheesy, but so cute.

While going through security footage of the night that Roman Zazo (Alano Miller) was killed, Michael and Nadine find that Rose, Emilio, and the bell boy couldn’t have committed the murder because they were all present at the scene of the crime. So who could it have been?

It isn’t until a few moments after when we find out that Roman Zazo actually isn’t dead. In fact, he and Rafael shake hands after Roman assures him everything went well. With all of these plot twists, I don’t know what to think.


  • With every episode, Gina Rodriguez just proves more and more why she’s so deserving of the Golden Globe she won.
  • Is it necessary for Sin Rose-tro to have a wig? Also, her real hair is literally golden.
  • What do you think the sex of the baby will be? As for me, I’m thinking it’ll be a boy, even though Jane really really wants it to be a girl.
  • Michael’s “lightbulb” moment is so great.