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Trailer: ‘Helix’ Season 2 Goes To A Remote Island

Syfy’s Helix is heading to a remote island in season 2.

It’s a very different setting from the first season, which took place in a research facility in the cold, colorless Arctic. A few characters from the first season, like Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) and Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes), are returning. (No sign of Mark Ghanimé.)

After barely escaping with their lives, the survivors of Season One attempt to move on from the horrors that took place at Arctic Biosystems. But when their work takes them to a mysterious and remote wooded island, they quickly discover the Ilaria Corporation’s reach is deeper and darker than anyone imagined, and a deadly new virus will present a threat that no one thought possible.

For one thing, it looks like season 2 will feature a lot more organic farming. And, once again, the show will focus on a viral outbreak, a bunch of people trapped in a remote location, and a grand conspiracy involving suspicious characters (namely whoever Steven Weber is playing).

Season 2 of Helix premieres on Syfy on January 16th at 10/9 central.