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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: “San Francisco Bae”


It’s Mindy’s first time on The Mindy Project and she’s losing her V-card to none other than a ponytail-sporting Lee Pace. “Sex is cool. I mean, there’s more ponytail hair in my mouth that I thought, but…”

After persistently calling Danny pretty much every hour on the hour, Danny somehow convinces Mindy to go “out on the town” and explore. As she’s making her way through the dorms, she hears Dr. Gurglar crying and stops to see what’s wrong. He’s still heartbroken over his separation with his wife, but Mindy gets the brilliant idea that they should go to San Francisco together and buddy it up.

After 3 years of avoiding Morgan incessantly trying to hang out with him, Danny finally gives in and invites him over to his apartment. As they’re going into his apartment, they spy Lauren going into Peter’s apartment. Intrigued, they snoop on them and hear some seemingly dirty talk coming from Peter, but in reality, it’s just Peter babysitting Lauren’s baby and trying to feed him some baby food.

Once in San Francisco, they make their way to a restaurant and seem to have made pleasant chit-chat when Mindy decides to order some drinks. At the bar, she’s rudely ignored by the bartender while the bartender listens to what a very handsome man named Alex (Lee Pace!) has to order. Starting to rant about the injustice of it all, Alex recognizes her as the woman he lost his virginity to.

Mindy introduces Alex to Dr. Gurglar and then retells the story of how she lost her V-card to a ponytail-clad Alex whose name was Xander at the time. After, he thanks her for giving him the idea to create the website VideoDumpster, but he’s still very angry that she never responded to any of his emails. She tells him that he sent it to her from his college email and all of those get marked as spam for her. In the emails, he invited her to one of People’s galas, but she never showed up. He gets a call that interrupts their conversation, but when he walks away, Dr. Gurglar berates Mindy for not mentioning Danny, the love of her life, once. He asks to see the email closer and when she hands him the phone, he quickly forwards it to Danny’s email. If it’s not such a big deal then Mindy shouldn’t worry about it too much, right?

Mindy calls Peter to get him to erase the email from Danny and he reluctantly agrees. He makes his way over to Danny’s apartment and when Danny lets him in, both Morgan and Peter are happy to find that he brought along the baby and he’s just babysitting for Lauren who had to work late. No cheating going on here. Before all of this happened though, Morgan sent a message to Dr. Reed that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Dr. Reed runs all the way from the opera to Danny’s apartment to see what all the fuss is about. As Danny and Morgan are trying to come up with really odd excuses as to why they messaged him, Peter comes out of the room and weirdly being more of an adult than the 3 of them combined, comes clean about what Mindy made him do.

After Alex’s call, he makes his way back to the table and invites Mindy to go for a walk with him so they can keep talking. Before she can give him an answer, they’re interrupted by yells from the bartender telling Dr. Gurglar to leave. In a drunken rage, he starts a fight with the bartender. Alex makes his way over and stops him from doing more damage.

When Alex asks Mindy again if she wants to go on a walk with him, she tells him ‘no’ because it makes her miss her boyfriend. She leans in to kiss him ‘goodbye’ on the cheek when she gets shoved in the boobs by Grace (Christine Teigen), Alex’s boyfriend. She’s apparently a winner of the secret Hunger Games billionaires have, so Mindy and Dr. Gurglar quickly hobble off together before she can do anymore damage.

Later that night, Peter tells Lauren that he doesn’t just want to be her babysitter anymore and then he proceeds to kiss her very passionately. So, I guess there is cheating involved.

Danny calls Mindy to ask her about the email she had Peter delete and she tells him the truth. It was just an old email from an ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want to get him worried over nothing. They trust each other, even if Danny doesn’t trust that she doesn’t eat junk food for every meal.

Memorable Moments:

Mindy desperately throwing the nutella jar at the wall to open it is something I would do.

“Who would ruin a perfectly good muffin by putting chocolate chips in here?” – Danny

“Since Alex has been here, you haven’t mentioned the love of your life once.” “What are you talking about? I’ve talked about spare ribs like 10 times.” – Dr. Gurglar & Mindy

“Bitcoin for your thoughts?” – Alex