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‘The 100’ Spoilers: Aaron Ginsburg Teases A Merciless Finale for Season 2

the 100 spoilers

When the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast did their “Year In Review” episode, one of the guests was television writer Aaron Ginsburg (Intelligence), who joined the staff of The 100 for its second season on The CW. Although only eight episodes have aired so far, it’s been a wild ride — full of mayhem, death, and all the intense emotionality we’ve come to expect from the show. If you aren’t watching The 100, then you’re missing out on some truly excellent science fiction storytelling.

In the podcast, Ginsburg is excited to tell host Ben Blacker (Nerdist) about his experiences working on the post-apocalyptic drama. I’ve included the juiciest bits here, so particularly industrious fans may be able glean a little insight into the rest of the season. When you listen to it, the discussion is lighthearted, and Ginsburg sounds like a person who loves his job and is excited to work on the program.

“The very first day I heard what our plan was for the season, what the show-runner [Jason Rothenberg], what he had wanted to do, it was—” Ginsburg pauses to chuckle, “—so fucked up, that I was like ‘This is gonna be awesome. I can’t believe we get to do this.’”

He goes on to say, “Right now we’re writing the first part of the two-part finale, and I think we’ve done it. It’s so insane, and it’s so big, and it’s completely not what you would see on The CW. It’s merciless. It’s really, really merciless.

Ginsburg explains that half the writing staff left The 100 at the end of last year’s production, and the ones who remained “know the world inside out.” In his first month as a newbie, he often wound up pitching ideas that had already been discussed, or that the senior writers would reject as something the character would flatly never do, then explain why. “They’ve been living with these characters,” adds Blacker, and Ginsburg agrees.

“There was a lot of respect, like, to figure out what…” Ginsburg’s remark drifts off, but presumably he means there was an effort among the writers to know what the characters would or would not do, and to respect that.

On the topic of writers interacting with fans on twitter, Ginsburg admits, “I like to sort of tease and coax them into a fury, and then our show-runner likes to just berate them. Because they want certain things, [the fans] want certain characters to be together—you know, like Ross & Rachel style. And he basically is like ‘That will not happen,’ and he puts his foot down and mocks them for it.”

If you watch the show, or know even one person who likes it on social media, then you can infer that he means the question of whether Clarke and Bellamy, the series leads at this point, will finally giving in to their unresolved sexual tension. To say fans that want this to happen is like saying people want Tatiana Maslany to win an Emmy. There’s the average person’s ‘I want a pizza right now’ feeling, and there’s fandom’s unshakable confidence of how things ought to be.

Ginsburg holds to the party line that “it” is not currently happening, but he also admits that it’s not completely off the table, either. You can practically hear him shrugging through mic when he says, “Oddly, I don’t know if… it might happen, we don’t know. [We] talk about it all the time. He kinda doesn’t want to do it, only as [to spite them], which is really weird. But the story might end up there anyway. So, who knows.”

If this season’s to-hell-with-it attitude is an indication, you can expect that any future overtures of romance would probably happen when fans least expect it. Perhaps in the middle of a disastrous bloodbath, or during a geographically implausible volcano eruption. Personally, this fan is rooting for a Mulder/Scully style ‘They were doing it in secret the whole time!’ reveal around season four. Regardless, here’s hoping The CW renews the show, so that we can have several more years of watching beautiful people run through the forest whilst covered in gore and punching through their emotional dilemmas.