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‘Shameless’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: “I’m the Liver”

shameless i'm the lover

The episode begins at sunrise and Frank is asking a random homeless teen what he thinks about his Milk of the Gods beer (Frank is thinking of selling it). The teen admits it’s strong but also calls the beer “badass.” The teen trades his girlfriend’s pot brownies for Frank’s beer, and the two proceed to cock-a-doodle-doo at the sun.

Frank comes home to a misspelled Father’s Day banner from Chuckie (who he believes is “moderately retarded”) and a very excited Sheila who explains to him that she’s thinking of selling the house to for twice its current value to a lesbian couple that came earlier. She dreams of traveling and getting away from Sammi.

Frank is angered to hear about her selling the house (at first thinking the realtors are scammers) and believes that their neighborhood is being gentrified: “They want to move people in who can pay taxes so they push us out.” He is very adamant about not letting Sheila sell her house (comparing gentrification to the Holocaust) because he wants to resist the new, wealthy crowd that could potentially run them out of their own neighborhood. Those real estate agents and that yoga studio Ian and Fiona spotted on their run during the last episode were indeed foreshadowing this.

Later that day a man comes to the door asking for Frank. He is the father of Frank’s liver donor, and to honor his first Father’s Day without his son, he has invited all the organ recipients to his home for dinner to symbolically represent his deceased son. At the dinner Frank horrifies the donor’s parents when he downs a glass of wine, but claims that he has done “extensive research” and estimates the liver will last him at least a decade longer. His method of choice to how much he drinks happens to be a just a measuring tape, and he obsessively whips one out every time he has a drink. Sammi arrives at the dinner uninvited to try and spend time with her dad on Father’s Day.

Frank goes to the Alibi later that night when Lip and the demolition crew are there and he begins rambling on about how the neighborhood is going to be gentrified and how they’re all going to be run out and also predicts that a Starbucks or a Whole Foods (brands associated with wealthier people) will be opening up in the spot that’s being demolished. Lip and everyone laugh at Frank’s paranoia.

She starts the morning off excited that she’s finally off of house arrest, but instead of waiting for the parole office to open (it’s Sunday), she takes her ankle bracelet off herself with various household tools (including a bucket).

Fiona attends an NA meeting with Sean and he finds out she has taken her ankle bracelet off. Later that day at work she waits on an extremely needy and unpleasant family who leave her no tip despite giving them good service. She follows them out the door and aggressively confronts them about it and gets slapped in the face by the wife. Sean jumps in and tries to break up the fight, but ends up defending Fiona after the customer calls her a “little slut.” He grabs him by the shirt and pushes him up against the wall, threatening him to apologize to her. Fiona admits she was turned on by Sean defending her (and he admits she brings out his hot-tempered nature), but he is mad at her for what she did, not only because she’s still on probation and should be staying out of trouble, but also because without customers’ money, there would be no job for her.

Davis comes back to Patsy’s Pies and very flirtatiously invites Fiona to another one of his band’s shows, saying she has no excuse to miss out now that she’s off house arrest.

After her shift Fiona attends another NA meeting with Sean and invites him to see Davis’s band later that night. Sean ends up turning her down, though it’s obvious he wants her. He visits her later on, and she apologizes for asking him out, thinking she came off too strong. Sean confesses that even though he is extremely attracted to Fiona, he knows she’s bad for him and says she’s dangerous and chaotic. Fiona objects and defends herself by saying she isn’t what Sean thinks she is, and tells him that she could actually be good for him. But Sean has his son in mind and doesn’t want to risk his father-son relationship by getting involved with Fiona. After Sean leaves, Fiona is saddened but goes over to V and Kev’s house to try and invite V to the concert.

He’s finally starting his demolition job and is looking forward to it, explaining that he doesn’t have to worry about classes and grades and the other stresses that come with being a student. Little does he know the job is excruciatingly difficult and he leaves at the end of the day nearly dead (not exaggerating).

As he’s cooling off at a faucet, he sees Mandy (dressed like a church girl) for the first time since he’s come back in town from college and the two begin chatting. She asks if he has a girlfriend. Lip shakes his head, not mentioning Amanda, and Mandy tells him he can drop by her work whenever he wants to see her again. As Mandy walks away, Lip hollers that she looks pretty, and he’s obviously psyched to see her again.

Kevin and Veronica
Kevin is having much better luck with the twins than V but claims it’s because it’s Father’s Day. V has forgotten what day it is and rushes over to Fiona’s to make Kev breakfast (frozen waffles in the toaster). V asks Fiona if she thinks she’s a bad mother, to which Fiona responds: “Compared to what I grew up with, you’re an excellent mother.”

Kevin takes the twins to the park and ends up sitting next to Svetlana, who is breastfeeding her baby. After a very awkward conversation, Sveltana offers to nurse the twins and gives Kev parenting advice, and the two spend the day together bonding over being parents.

V comes home after a long day at work to find Svetlana breast feeding one of the twins. V is understandably shocked and takes her baby away. She is in for another surprise when Kev debuts his new short haircut (Svetlana cut it because the twins kept pulling his hair). She’s infuriated about this because she liked his long hair and hates that he’s changed himself because he’s a parent. Fiona arrives just in time to partake in the surprises, and Debbie also comes into the room to show her new makeover, much to Fiona’s shock. Svetlana, who was behind all these changes, takes this as her cue to leave as everyone begins arguing.

Fiona attempts to calm V down by inviting her to the concert, but V can’t think straight and storms away without giving her an answer. Debbie and Fiona leave Kev and V alone to sort out their domestic drama.

shameless ian

Ian is getting ready for the funeral of a soldier he never met. Mickey is reluctant to go, but goes with Ian anyways in case he acts up. At the funeral there are a bunch of homophobic protesters that irritate Ian to the point that he loses control during the ceremony and begins threatening the protesters with a wooden cross he tore off of a grave. Mickey tries to calm him down and tells him to get revenge at them with a plan. Ian’s mental troubles are beginning to get more serious, yet Mickey still believes he can help Ian himself. He explains to his sister Mandy that he doesn’t want anyone to get involved because he doesn’t want Ian sent to a mental health institution.

Mickey, Ian, Mandy and their friends scheme to get back at the pastor of the church that was protesting at the funeral. They get Mandy to seduce the pastor and bring him over to the house. Then they trick him into thinking he’s getting a blow job from Mandy, when really it’s one of Ian’s male friends. The group of them all take pictures and record the event and post it all over social media, turning it into a homophobic scandal. Ian’s sweet revenge ended up not having to be violent, but it doesn’t mean Ian has gotten better.

Debbie has been quite preoccupied with getting into the world of teenage love, and threatens to kill Carl if he loses his virginity before her. So begins the start of Debbie’s transformation into womanhood. After her friends stop talking to her, Debbie starts to feel more and more pressure to grow up. After a failed attempt to flirt with a boy at the pool (who mistakes her for a special needs kid), Debbie is frustrated and wants her life to change. She receives a makeover from Svetlana, who takes it upon herself to teach her the ways of luring men. Fiona is disgusted with what Svetlana did to Debbie, but Debbie is happy with her new look and Carl gives her the seal of approval when he says she looks like a hooker (“Hookers are hot”). Fiona yells at Debbie, asking why a smart girl like her would hang out with whores, but Debbie retorts by demanding why a smart girl like Fiona is on probation. After their argument, Fiona calms down and asks Debbie if her friends still aren’t talking to her. She also admits that Debbie’s new haircut is cute, and eventually asks her if she’d like to see a band with her. The two of them have a great time despite the fact that Debbie gets dry-humped by a guy Fiona eventually punches in the face.

Fiona and Debbie have a great time at the concert, and Debbie is left awestruck and excited about her night out. Fiona, however, looks distraught. It looks like she regrets bringing Debbie along to the concert, not wanting Debbie to end up like herself when she gets too caught up in the moment.

Everyone that was laughing at Frank for his gentrification sermon end up biting their tongues when they find out an organic coffee shop is opening up in the demolished area. Frank was right after all, and has the last laugh as he cock-a-doodle-doos into the sun again at the end of the episode.

This really kicked Season 5 into gear for me. While it’s not as eventful as it could be, it’s definitely done a good job at keeping my interest. There are lots of new things to look out for.

Fiona looks like she’s going to have more man-drama this season, and her conversation with Sean may have finally opened her eyes. Chaos does seem to follow her around, and sometimes it seems like she’s looking for trouble. After the wild night of the concert, it seems that maybe Sean’s words have finally gotten through to her. I’m hoping this will make her realize that chaos does seem to follow her around because of her actions, and maybe she’ll start to look before she leaps. It’ll be better for her, Sean, and the rest of the Gallaghers if she does.

Ian is really getting worse. When he acted up about killing the homophobic protesters, it really showed that he needs more help than what Mickey thinks he can provide. Maybe Mandy will play a part in helping Ian get treated. It’s been made pretty clear that she doubts Mickey has Ian’s mental health under control.

And we definitely can’t forget about the new changes going on in the neighborhood. Let’s see if Frank’s predictions end up actually being right. It looks like it’ll get interesting.