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Review: MTV’s ‘Eye Candy’ Leaves You With Gasp-Out-Loud Moments

eye candy pilot

This review covers the first episode of MTV’s Eye Candy.

MTV’s new thriller, Eye Candy, is definitely a show that isn’t afraid of invoking several gasp-out-loud moments up until the very end. Based on R. L. Stine’s book, the show follows Lindy Sampson (Victoria Justice) three years after she witnesses the kidnapping of her sister Sarah. Since then, she’s been working at an I.T. company and secretly has a business as a tech investigator that helps people find their missing loved ones. Through helping others, she might eventually be able to help herself and find Sarah.

In a way to get Lindy out there and dating again after her breakup with Ben (Daniel Lissing), her friend Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) signs her up to an online dating website ‘Flirtual’ where she meets two potential bachelors. Her first dates go well, but it isn’t until she gets home where things get interesting. She starts getting very creepy and stalker-ish messages from an unknown person. He’s even able to take pictures of her through her computer camera. He’s a serial killer who preys on those with a dating profile and if he finds anything “wrong” about them, he kills them. He seeks perfection.

As I said when the first extended sneak peek was released, I found the scenes where we get an inside look at the way he thinks particularly compelling. We know exactly why he’s committing these atrocities, “Why do they lie? They’ll pay. One by one.” Now we just need to root for Lindy to find him. She has a lead on who it might be already because he hinted that it’s one of the three men she went on a date with. It can’t be Date #3 because he’s quickly killed right after their blind date, so it’s got to be one of the other two, although I have a sneaking suspicion it might be someone else entirely.

[SPOILER] This serial killer has a really strong intent to make Lindy his and his only because in the last few minutes of the show, her boyfriend Ben is brutally killed and left for her to see. (This was one of the gasp-out-loud moments I was talking about). If this is how this serial killer acts after a day of dating, then I can’t think of what else he might do to the guys that Lindy might show even a little bit of interest in. [END SPOILER]

Victoria Justice’s choice of taking on this more mature role is seeming to fare well for her. Her acting, especially in that final moment with Ben, was heartbreaking. She seems to have really delved into the role, so much so that her acting doesn’t seem forced or awkward. I was pleasantly surprised to find how well she and the other actors did in terms of dealing with this intense subject.

If the show continues to focus on the drama and the mystery of who this serial killer might be, all while Lindy tries to get some new leads on where her sister might be, then it’ll succeed. The storyline of her sister shouldn’t be thrown off to the wayside. It’s still what sparks Lindy’s actions. And I’m not sure how well romance and online dating will work for her, since the serial killer is out to get pretty much anyone, but she’s bound to be caught up in a love triangle at some point. This is MTV after all.