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New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: “Be Ready for What’s Coming”

Fox recently just released the trailer for the reboot for Fantastic Four, and boy does it look swell.

Marvel’s first bunch of genetically modified individuals are set to appear on the big screen this August. The film tells the story of four outsiders who are teleported to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical forms. Their foe—a former friend—threatens Earth and forces the team to work together and harness their abilities in order to save the world.

Set to the ominous narrative of Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), the trailer sets the focus on humankind’s inevitable passion for discovering, inventing, and building. We’re exposed to the scenic backgrounds that will no doubt provide much of the context for the film: presidential executive room, labs and garages, mountain ranges. On a more anticipated note, we catch our first glimpses of each of the Fantastic Four and their origin stories: Miles Teller (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Sue Storm/Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/The Thing).

There’s definitely a huge emphasis on the backstories of our superheroes-to-be, as we’re reminded that our future depends on generations to come. Another thought to ponder, while set to a brilliant soundtrack from Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass: “With every discovery there is risk, sacrifice, consequences.”

Josh Trank serves as director of the film, known previously for his first feature film Chronicle. It was recently confirmed in June 2014 that Trank will be directing a standalone Star Wars Film.

Fantastic Four opens in theaters August 7, 2015.