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“Heartbeat Song” Teaser: Kelly Clarkson’s Coming Back, Y’all!

Today, Kelly Clarkson released a teaser clip of her new single “Heartbeat Song,” which is set to drop on Monday, January 12th. In honor of her return, let’s view some highs and lows of her exceptional career so far.

BEST SINGLE – “My Life Would Suck Without You”

This is anthemic Clarkson at her best. While sister-jam “Since U Been Gone” may have given her a bit more “cred,” “Suck” is just pop perfection, from the opening guitar riffs, to when the driving beats starts bumping, until the ending chorus when Kelly wails those ungodly ad-libs. Every time I hear it, it still hits as hard as it did the first time.

*Honorable Mention: “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

WORST SINGLE – “I Do Not Hook Up”

Kelly should have never recorded this Katy Perry reject, let alone release it as the follow-up to “Suck.”

*Dishonorable Mention: “Low”


Thought of by many in Clarkson’s fan base as the single that got away, it may have been the title that did it in. Released on the “Breakaway” album alongside smash “Since U Been Gone,” I’m sure the label worried about confusion and comparisons. Alas, that left “Gone,” with its glorious bridge, to remain unheard by the masses.

*Honorable Mention: “Addicted”


Sigh. The “My December” disaster still haunts Kelly to this day. And it’s a shame, because “Sober” is the most beautiful, chill-inducing ballad Clarkson has ever done. I dare you not to get goosebumps when the song hits its final crescendo of emotions and  Kelly finally lets loose.

*Honorable Mention: “Never Again”

Kelly Clarkson’s untitled sixth studio album is due out sometime this spring and is sure to be full of final choruses with amazing ad-libs.