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Fox Picks Up Shows About Misunderstood, Genius Detectives

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The network that has Gracepoint, Bones, and the upcoming Rainn Wilson dramedy Backstrom under its belt has picked up even more shows about genius men who solve crimes and flirt with beautiful women. Plus, a half-hour comedy called 48 Hours ‘Til Monday by the creators of The Mindy Project also got green-lit.

It’s not like Gracepoint was a success story, so I don’t know why Fox is still trying it with these British remakes. Most critics agreed that Gracepoint didn’t rise to the level of the original British series, Broadchurch, although it did boast a pretty talented cast consisting of Anna Camp (Breaking Bad), Michael Pena (End of Watch), and more.

The creator of the original Luther, Neil Cross, will pen the pilot script, and Idris Elba is attached to executive produce. He won’t be reprising his role like David Tennant did with Gracepoint, however. I have no idea who Fox is going to find that is charismatic and talented enough to fill Elba’s shoes, and I don’t envy that task.

While I love Luther, and think John Luther is an exceptionally interesting and well-written character, I don’t think Fox needs another crime show about a genius-level detective who exacerbates his co-workers with his unorthodox methods. Especially considering what else they picked up…

Described as a “close-ended, investigative series,” Rosewood is another crime drama and this one centers on yet another dude: a genius pathologist by the name of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. who owns the most sophisticated independent labs in the country and “find the secrets in bodies that others usually miss.” Yawn.

His constant optimism will frustrate the “cynical female detective” he often works with. Double yawn.

Rosewood comes from Psych‘s Todd Harthan.

Frankenstein is about a (probably genius-level) morally corrupt cop named Ray Pritchard who’s brought back from the dead. So, it’s like R.I.P.D., then?

48 Hours ‘Til Monday
This comedy focuses on a dude (a husband!) and his “desperate struggle to not let every weekend go completely to hell.”

Are you looking forward to any of these shows?