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‘Eye Candy’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: “BRB”

eye candy brb recap

Since Ben’s murder, Lindy’s (Victoria Justice) been determined, even obsessed, in finding his killer, who she believes to be one of the two guys she’s dated through Flirtual. “I know I might be obsessing over something that doesn’t exist. That these could just be two normal guys, but I need to do this or else I’ll go insane.”

Tommy (Casey Jon Deidrick), one of Ben’s friends and another cop, has also taken it upon himself to find the killer, but without Lindy’s help. He’s enlisted a few people to work on the case, including Sergeant Catherine Shaw (Melanie Nicholls-King), head of the cyber crimes unit in the NYPD. Lindy meets her at the cafe across Suspect #1’s apartment. They’ve both been eyeing Jake Bolin’s (Ryan Cooper) almost every move. Shaw wants to work with her, but Lindy can’t get herself to trust the cops. In an effort to convince her, Shaw offers her the opportunity to use their resources at the police department to find her missing sister. Whether or not she takes the deal, we won’t find out until later.

That night, Jake and Lindy are set to have a dinner date, but he surprises her at her apartment with the idea that he’ll cook dinner for here there. No idea on how he found Lindy’s address, but she still lets him in. He’s right in the middle of cooking when she’s saved by her friend and roommate Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) and Sophia’s friend Connor (John Garet Stoker). The four of them have a pretty good dinner together, seeing as how Jake seems to be too safe to be the killer. When Lindy walks him out and says goodbye, she notices Tommy standing outside watching her. He approaches her and tells her to back off and just let the cops take care of solving the murder. She refuses and goes straight to work. She and her friend/co-worker George (Harvey Guillen) hack into city security cameras and through watching footage, find the murderer’s car.

With this news, Lindy visits Tommy and Catherine Shaw at work and shows them what she’s found. She doesn’t believe that Reece (Suspect #2)’s alibi is true. She’s set to have a date with him that night, so when she’s busy entertaining him, Tommy can look through his car and hopefully find evidence. Although Tommy hates this plan, Catherine would rather have Lindy working for them and with them, than them having their eyes on her all the time.

After a sort of long sequence where Lindy reminisces of the time she gave Ben her phone number, she looks over at Tommy and finds him looking at her. That then cuts to him gazing at her while she’s waiting for Reece (Nils Lawton) to pick her up. They’ve installed a mic into her dress, so he can hear everything she’s saying, but she can’t hear him. Reece ends up calling her “beautiful” when she asks him how she looks. Is it just me or is anyone digging Tommy/Lindy? There’s a part of me that’s starting to get the appeal, but I can’t fully trust Tommy just yet.

When Reece picks her up, instead of taking her to to the restaurant they planned on going to, he has a surprise set for her. While they’re driving, Tommy’s following them in another car. Reece catches onto this because he sets for a roadblock to go off as they’re passing a bridge. Tommy gets caught up on the bridge as Lindy and Reece drive away.

Reece and Lindy finally arrive at their destination: a junkyard. After some unwanted advances toward Lindy on Reece’s part, she tells him she wants to go home. He doesn’t like that, but agrees to it and tells her he’ll meet her at the car. While all of this is happening, Tommy’s trying to jimmy his way into Reece’s car, but gets knocked out and put into the trunk of his car before he gets in. Lindy doesn’t see this happen because she jumps straight into Tommy’s car expecting him to be there, but all he finds is  a mannequin with her face on it. She gets locked into the car as the car starts to drive by itself. Even worse, as Lindy’s trying to hack into the car’s controls, the car starts to reverse and is about to hit a giant wall that would’ve surely killed Tommy, when she gets in. She stops the car and Tommy’s okay, but Reece has disappeared.

Back at the police department, they’ve called in Sophia and Connor and detained them because they’re not safe. Not only was Lindy’s face on the mannequin, but pictures of them were on it too. While Lindy and Sophia are inside talking, Connor walks outside and very discreetly takes pictures with his phone of the pictures of the murder victims. As for why he did that, I have no idea, but that’s very suspicious.

Right as they think Reece is the killer, Lindy gets the news that he’s not. She and Tommy both watch footage of Reece being taken and killed by the real murderer. The case is still open and now Jake, who wasn’t before, is the prime suspect yet again.