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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: “Private Eye Caramba!”

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Richard Castle, P.I. (Nathan Fillion) has a swank office, a snazzy new P.I. website and the will to detect, but not a client in sight.

This worries his wife Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) even going so far as to asking her mother-in-law, “what do you think of Rick’s new venture?” Having seen Castle go back and forth with “ventures” all his life Martha waves it off basically telling Beckett it is something he will stick to or get bored with.

Beckett is being very supportive of her sometimes fickle husband, when it comes to his “ventures” and it is nice seeing married Castle and Beckett being so open and supportive of each other. Castle is even learning his boundaries, to an extent, but walking Beckett to her crime scene, since it is near his PI office, and dropping her off with a kiss on the cheek and a “have a good day honey.”

The case of the week involves the death of a Telenovela actress named Anna. The episode stole a bit from the season three Castle episode “One Life to Loose” when it dealt with the death of a writer for a soap opera. This case was tweaked by the writers so it was the actress but it borrowed the “geeking out” factor as this time Javier Esposito was a fan of the Telenovela.

When Beckett interviews another actress on the show, Sophia, about the death of Anna she learns Sophia is desperate to find and expensive purse the victim had borrowed. Nepotism rears its head as Beckett refers the woman to a private investigator she knows – her husband Richard Castle.

So, Beckett and Castle are on opposite sides of a case again but of course they seem to meet in the middle. Beckett’s leads bring her to an opera house where the victim was last seen, prior to her death, and Castle arrives there as well shocked to see Beckett. This provides them a chance to interrogate a witness together before they part ways again.

Beckett finds out Anna met with a woman who happens to be the daughter of a Saudi Arabian national billionaire. When Beckett confronts her about the USB the witness saw her give Anna the woman clams up and leaves the precinct.

Castle is working on a very tight window to find the purse – the client needs it back in less than 24 hours or she owes the boutique $500,000.

Burning the midnight oil, as Beckett cites, she finds Castle working late in his office. This provides a sexy opportunity for the duo to do a little healthy foreplay as Castle morphs into his hard-boiled PI persona and Beckett slips into the damsel in distress.

“I’m just a girl looking for a private dick,” Beckett purrs.

It is all Castle needs to hear as he pulls Beckett close and the couple begin undressing each other. They are interrupted by Castle’s client. Mortified that the woman has found both she and Castle half-dressed Beckett leaves them to the case of the missing purse.

Castle’s client is livid he doesn’t have an update with the deadline looming. She fires him but he vows to continue working the case – showing her he is trolling social media sites looking for recent pictures of Anna. When one pops up of Anna leaving a white limo, the same limo Castle has been trying to track down, he shows Sophia he can find the car through the vin number.

Castle comes in late and Beckett is already in bed. They talk a moment about being interrupted from making out by Castle’s client and then Castle asks if she could do something for him. A big grin on her face, Beckett thinks Castle wants to pick up where they left off in his office but his fuming when he asks her to look up the vin number to the limo. I am assuming she not only shut him down for that but any bedroom activities that night as well.

Beckett, Esposito and Ryan find the man they think witnesses saw Anna with at her apartment building.

Castle pretends to be Ryan and gets an address for the limo tracking it to a building where he finds the limo. As he is looking inside he is locked in and a man in the front seat points a gun on Castle and takes him somewhere to “talk.”

As Castle is being interrogated the man draws a knife and things are looking bad for our mystery writer/PI. That Is until Esposito and Ryan show up.

The man holding Castle is a gun for hire who was employed by the Saudi billionaire – the man claims he was only hired to pick up Anna and Beckett and the boys tracked him down. Beckett is shaken to learn Castle was being held captive and informs him she needs to know where Castle is at all times. This could come off as Beckett treating Castle like a child but remember Castle was missing for months and Beckett, I am sure, does not want to go through that again.

The man holding Castle is cleared of being the murder suspect when his alibi checks out.

Castle, proving he is a pretty good PI, finds the missing purse – Anna ditched it in front of the opera. He finds out the purse isn’t expensive at all but the USB drive is very valuable. So valuable his client Sophia pulls a gun on Castle when she stops by to pick up the USB but Castle wrestles the gun from her and takes her to the precinct.

In the end the investigation reveals Anna and Sophia were going into business with the Saudi’s daughter to create an all-female Telenovela channel. The flash drive held the code to transfer the funds to seal the deal.

So, who was the killer? It was the producer of the Telenovela network Anna and Sophia worked for. He bugged the actresses’ dressing room and found out their plan.

Castle and Beckett walk arm-and-arm out of the precinct with Castle narrating the closing of the case in his hard-boiled PI voice. When Beckett asks if he is going to do that all night he lets her know his priorities – “not if hit hurts my chances.” Meaning if he can’t get lucky with her with his narration he will give it up.

This episode was another fun and sexy episode. I am not sold on Castle being a PI. There is still too much time, in the episode, when Castle and Beckett are apart. But their times together, on screen, were solid and sultry. I am just glad Alexis was missing in the episode and the writers didn’t have her building theory with Castle again this week. The way Castle and Beckett make building theory as foreplay just makes it creepy now, if he does that with Alexis.