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What To Watch Tonight: ‘I Love Lucy’ Christmas Special, ‘The Librarians’ on TNT

I Love Lucy Christmas Special
8:00 pm on CBS
“The Mertzes help the Ricardos decorate their Christmas tree; Lucy and Ethel work in a candy factory.” Lucy and Ethel working in the candy factor is one of the most iconic episodes of I Love Lucy. And Lucille Ball remains one of the greatest comedians of all-time who broke lots of ground for women in comedy. Not to mention I Love Lucy featured one of the few on-screen interracial relationships — a controversial subject in the ’50s — at the time, with Lucy being married to a Cuban bandleader, Ricky Ricardo, played by Ball’s real-life husband Desi Arnaz. Tonight’s Christmas special is a colorized version of I Love Lucy… which looks a little too saturated in color, if you ask me. I prefer the original black-and-white.

Naked and Afraid
8:45 pm on Discovery
“Actors James Franco and Seth Rogen attempt to survive naked for twenty-one days.” Yeah. No comment.

The Newsroom
8:00 pm on HBO
“Will is incarcerated for contempt; Sloan voices her objection to a new digital site.” Season 3 of The Newsroom is much better than Season 1. So I’ve heard.

The Comeback
10:00 pm on HBO
This episode is called “Valerie Is Taken Seriously”. The Comeback is about a washed up sitcom actress, played by Lisa Kudrow, who’s trying to make her career comeback. I never watched the first season of The Comeback, which aired back in 2005, but it’s fascinating to me that it was able to make its own “comeback” after so many years off the air. And it’s been very good so far. The humor is definitely awkward and makes you feel uncomfortable at times. There are plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but I say it’s worth checking out.

The Librarians
8:00 pm on TNT
“When someone begins killing off potential librarians, Flynn and Col. Eve Baird must save them.” I saw the promo for this and thought it was fantastic. The series is a spinoff of a popular TV movie starring E.R.‘s Noah Wyle. It’s about a bunch of globetrotting librarians who are out to save the world. IGN’s Max Nicholson writes, “It’s absolutely silly. But it embraces the hokum and invites you to go along for the ride. The show is helped by colorful sets, kitschy props and playful music, all of which will clue you in to the goofy fun.”