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‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ Trailer: Kat Dennings Tackles Mental Illness

The non-profit movement To Write Love On Her Arms has a film adaptation coming out within the new year based on the woman who started it all, Renee Yohe.

Renee (Kat Dennings) struggles with bipolar disorder as a teenager, but after one terrible night, everything quickly spins out of control and Renee becomes addicted to cocaine — and to further release pain, cuts into her arms. With the aid of former drug addict and alcoholic turned sponsor, David McKenna (Rupert Friend), Yohe becomes rehabilitated and her story is written by Jamie Tworkowski (Chad Michael Murray), founder of the To Write Love On Her Arms organization.

It’s obvious this is a story of overcoming extreme obstacles, inner demons, and a few outer ones. Kat Dennings is taking on a character not typical of her other roles – sassy, outspoken, with a little sex on the side. I wonder if she will be able to capture the essence of addiction and self-harm to a realistic degree. Here’s to hoping Renee’s mental illness (bipolar) won’t be used as a plot device and this true story film stays true to its word.

As for the animation, it doesn’t appear to be too out of place but it could easily turn “cartoony” if used incorrectly. When used, it should be for a purpose rather than to be thrown in for the sake of being artsy or else the moral of the story could be lost. Also, the music listing is looking quite interesting in its degrees of genres!

To Write Love On Her Arms opens March 2015.