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Steam Winter Sale Leaked and New Steam Holiday Auction Event


If you hadn’t heard, once again PayPal has “accidentally” released the dates for another Steam sale. Before it was the fall Steam sale which happened last month, now it’s for the winter Steam sale that may allegedly begin December 18th.

It’s unconfirmed but a picture of an email has been posted stating the start will be “12/18” they received from PayPal Japan. Note: the picture is on Reddit so validity can be challenged here. I myself haven’t gotten this email (as I don’t get anything from PayPal Japan) and neither PayPal or Valve themselves have mentioned anything about December 18th actually being the start of the winter sale. Just because the last PayPal leak was correct doesn’t mean this was will beā€¦but it doesn’t mean the possibility is out completely, right?

So why is this a big deal? Steam’s winter sale tends to last longer and is a bigger event than their fall sale. It also can be said to rival their summer sale – which, if you haven’t taken part in as I tried so desperately not to this past summer – and that is a pretty big, and often nice, deal (all puns intended).

If the Japan Paypal picture is correct then we have at least six days, if not longer, to prepare our wallets. You know, our wallets that are already thinning thanks to Christmas being right around the corner…

Also, Steam has just launched their Holiday Auction with the first winner to be announcedĀ December 15th and the end date being December 18th (coincidence? We’ll see). According to Steam you will have the ability to bid on games through the use of gems, created from items like “trading cards, backgrounds, and emoticons” from your Steam inventory.

The first round will begin at 7:45am PST and new rounds (games to bid on) will be created every 45 minutes after that until 10am PST on December 18th. Just like any other auction site, the top bidder at the end of each round will win the game bid upon! You can currently see the list of games available to bid gems with on the website (the top bid is 145,000 gems for the 2014 Holiday Profile followed by Counter Strike: Global Defense at 52, 100 gems)

This is a new and interesting take if you have the available items in your inventory sitting around seemingly useless and don’t wish to spend money on games you’ve been dying to try out!