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‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs ‘Serial’ For a Christmas Mystery

With the help of its host Amy Adams, Saturday Night Live pulled off a pretty great Serial spoof in its final episode of the year.

Cecily Strong takes on the role of Sarah Koenig in the 5-minute skit, complete with a spot-on imitation of that infamous voice we’ve all become obsessed with over the past few months. In the skit, Strong has found a new case to investigate — that of Kris Kringle and the mysterious Christmas gifts that he supposedly delivers to all the children of the world.

Adams, playing a suburban mother, swears that she didn’t buy the gifts that have turned up for her son, but as Strong asks — both to herself and the audience, just like the real Koenig — if she didn’t do it, then how did Kringle the Christmas Elf manage it?

Much like the very real Serial, this skit doesn’t really answer the mystery of Christmas — and whether or not Kris really did deliver all of those presents, or if Jingle the Elf was right and it was all just a lie — but it’s a very clever and funny skit that epitomizes the Serial podcast pretty perfectly.

It’s a little bit of Christmas magic, complete with a MailChimp joke.

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