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New Trailers for ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Show Off English Voices

Final Fantasy: The Road Trip has graced us with English versions of two of their game trailers. I’m still working through my feelings about the voice acting. Currently I’m torn between “Noctis sounds like he’s gonna get on my nerves real fast” and “Cidney is definitely supposed to be a female Cid and she has a cute (if inexplicable) Southern accent I LOVE HER ALREADY BUT WHY IS SHE HALF NAKED.”

This fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy franchise will be a diversion from previous titles, in that it’s open world, has modern elements tied in with the fantasy (so far we’ve seen skyscrapers, highways, and of course the bitchin’ car that will be taking the crew on their road trip), it’s an action-oriented RPG rather than turn-based, and you can only control one character, Noctis.

Following Lucis’ failed peace treaty with a warring nation, Noctis – who happens to be the Prince of Lucis – escapes the country with his boy band members buddies and embarks on the road trip of the ages to save his homeland.

You can watch (or re-watch) the Japanese versions of these trailers here and here. What are your thoughts on the English voices?