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Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” Leaks: Why We’re Excited

madonna rebel heart

It’s not exactly a surprise, per se, what with the Internet’s nature of finding raw material and leaking it for the whole wide world to view and visit and see, but finding a brand new leaked Madonna demo on our webpages this weekend was a big excitement.

Madonna, of course, is one of the world’s most famous, iconic, and premier popstars, and has been working hard on her thirteenth(!) album for the past year or so. However, one of the tracks, rumoured single “Rebel Heart” leaked, first in snippet and then in its full demo form, and suffice to say that the track, even in rough demo stage, seriously impressed.

It’s one of Madonna’s most understated, yet strangely euphoric songs to date, combining driving beats and some well-welcomed potent lyricism about her past and surviving, to create a song that lifts towards its frankly addictive and barnstorming chorus.

Infused with some gorgeous ’80s synths in the post-chorus and running throughout, and with a big-hearted pop sensibility to proceedings (the production is rumoured to be an Avicii affair and has his country-EDM template all over the tune), “Rebel Heart” is simply a solid, classy, elegant dance-pop song, that helps shake off some of the misfires of Madonna’s recent albums.

The closest similarity we can bring it to is Kylie’s “Into the Blue” earlier this year which was similarly uplifting and joyful – although we’re certainly not suggesting Madge is copying anyone. “Rebel Heart” is a promising sign that Madonna might be returning more to her full-on pop roots, with new production woven in; and we have a feeling the pop-going public would be extremely on board with that decision.

Unfortunately the song’s rapidly disappearing off the ‘net, so if you want to listen to, then do so now – believe us, it’s worth it.