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Hayley Atwell in ‘Agent Carter’ Behind-The-Scenes Clip

Hayley Atwell kicks ass as Agent Peggy Carter in this new behind-the-scenes clip of Marvel’s Agent Carter.

The character was first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger as Steve Roger’s love interest, and now Peggy is headlining her own series.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Atwell talks about Peggy having to go on secret missions, while also working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R.). As well as being a secret agent and mourning the loss of Steve Rogers, Peggy will have to contend with working in a male-dominated environment during a less progressive time period. We’ll also get to see how living a double life will affect Peggy both emotionally and psychologically. The clip shows Peggy wearing a blonde wig and fighting bad guys. It reminds me of Alias, if Alias took place in the ’40s.

Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) also shows up in this clip. He’s the one who will be assigning Peggy to these secret missions. Stark will be a recurring character. Series regulars include James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis, Chad Michael Murray as Agent Jack Thompson, Enver Gjokaj as Agent Daniel Sousa, and Shea Whigham as the S.S.R. chief Roger Dooley. Kyle Bornheimer (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Meagen Fay (Murder in the First), Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita), and Bridget Regan (Jane The Virgin) will also recur.

The 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter will take place next Tuesday on January 6, 2015 on ABC.