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Grammys 2015: Our Round-Up of the Nominees and Our Choices

It’s that time of year — we all start wearing warmer clothes, preparing for the holiday season, and the award nominations start to come out. The nominations for the 2015 Grammys were just released, and so we decided to look over the nominees and give our opinions on them, and who we think should take home the top crowns…

Record of the Year

All of the songs in the Record of the Year camp have more than earned their spot, for being massive successes and hugely popular, both critically and commercially. Our money’s on Taylor Swift walking away with this one, given that her stellar pop album 1989 won’t be eligible until next year to scoop some Grammy gold. Mind you, seeing Meghan Trainor, Sam Smith, or Sia walk away with it, wouldn’t be too much of a loss either.

Album of the Year

Two big-voiced divas are the ones really duking it out here — in one corner, we’ve got male crooner and self-described diva Sam Smith with his touching, indulgent, and luxurious In The Lonely Hour; in the other, we have Beyoncé’s self-titled surprise album, which has dominated pop culture in 2014. Either one of these seem set to win, although maybe Ed Sheeran will come along and snatch it with his improved formula of guitar-pop.

Song of the Year

It’s wonderful seeing some global representation here — Sam Smith from the UK, Sia from Australia, the Irish-born Hozier. In terms of the sheer best production values, then this one goes hands-down to Sia and Jesse Shatkin for the now-iconic “Chandelier”. The production is unusual and weird and full to the brim with anthemic pop hooks. No contest.

Best New Artist

Every artist in this category represents a different and exciting facet of modern music — Brandy Clark’s smooth country stylings, Iggy Azalea’s electro-hip-hop edge, or Sam Smith’s soul-infused pop. However, seeing this go to either the American indie-rockers Haim, or the British electro-rockers Bastille, would be a good twist of events in anyone’s book.

Best Pop Vocal Album

If we had to go with one album, it’d probably have to be either Coldplay’s Ghost Stories for the gloomy build it brings, and the sonic challenges it presents to the normally upbeat rockers or to Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, for flawless vocals, and uniformly strong tracks. Either of them and we’d be happy.

Best Rock Album

While U2 are the likeliest contenders to scoop the prize,for their iTunes-bothering LP Songs of Innocence, we’d pluck potentially Beck’s new album out for its stylised folk leanings, or The Black Keys’ new record for true Grammy glory.

Best Rap Album

With quite a good few showings this year, it seems that Iggy Azalea might well take the top prize. In terms of who we want, though, Childish Gambino (aka Community‘s Donald Glover) is a deserving winner and artist, with one of the strongest, freshest LPs out there.

Best Rap Song

Can anyone really deny that this has been the year of “Anaconda”? However, if we’re not going to crown Nicki for her tireless efforts, then Kendrick Lamar’s hopeful, anthemic “i” surely deserves the accolade.

Best R&B Album

A strong showing in this category means there are plenty to choose from, but in terms of commercial impact and sheer enjoyability, then we’ll have to plump for Aloe Blacc’s Lift Your Spirit.

Best R&B Song

With the women continuing to dominate 2014, then it’s a split tie between the global hit “Drunk in Love” from Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, or by the supremely talented Jhené Aiko for her gorgeous “The Worst”. Either one of these are deserved winners.

Best Urban Contemporary Album

A worthy runner up would be Pharrell Williams, but are we even going to pretend that Beyoncé isn’t going to win this one? No. Good. Moving on…

Best Music Video

While we’ve certainly got a passion for parties and dancing around in leotards, this one might just go to a certain Pharrell Williams for his exuberant, no-holds-barred aural effervescence in the video for “Happy”. Get your dance moves ready…

Who are your top picks for Grammy glory? Let us know in the comments below!