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‘Are You The One?’ Season 2 Finale Recap: “One Switch, One Glitch”

For the challenge this week on Are You The One, the boys have to put a boat together and paddle across a small pond. Layton, Dario, and Anthony win the challenge. Dario is in first place and picks Ashley. Layton picks Tyler. Anthony picks Alexandria. Poor Garland is stuck in the middle of the pond, going around in circles because he doesn’t know how to paddle.

Tyler is excited to go on the date with Layton because he’s “forced” to get to know her.

Ellie invites Nathan to go skinny dipping with her but he turns her down immediately. If he doesn’t want her, she says he can fuck off. She goes off to find Anthony and flirt with him instead. She ends up walking in on Alexandria straddling Anthony, saying she’s really horny, and walks out of the room in a huff. Ellie admits to getting jealous when she sees them together.

Christina and Layton get some one and one time together. Christina says that Layton was the person she was most attracted to when they first arrived in the house, but she didn’t think she had a chance in hell with him.

Elsewhere, Alexandria tells Anthony that she genuinely likes him. It’s the last week in the house, so everyone is letting loose, according to Anthony. The two decide to take a trip to the Boom Boom Room together. Anthony says that Jenni would have been his ideal match, but he’s starting to like Alexandria the more he gets to know her.

At the getaway date, Anthony helps Alexandria get past her fear of heights. Dario says Ashley, who talks about being fearless and adventurous, is similar to the girl version of him. Tyler and Layton talk about Tyler’s problem with relationships.

Dario & Ashley get voted into the Truth Booth. On their way there, Ashley confides in Dario that she doesn’t want Layton to be her match. They are a perfect match!

After it’s confirmed that Christina isn’t the double match with Dario, we get a little montage of Christina’s journey during the house and how she was ostracized by the other girls at the very beginning. And now she’s best friends with Briana and Jess. Everyone starts celebrating and it’s a really feel-good moment in the house. Briana, of course, brings the lulz: “At this point, if Brandon was my match, I would not kill myself.”

At the Honeymoon Suite, Pratt & Paris make plans about the future.

Dario and Layton make up. Christina is relieved that she’s sitting out of the match-up ceremony, which everyone in the house has agreed to, because she can’t mess anything up.

Bonus Scene: The girls (and Anthony) are watching Dario & Ashley make out on the couch.

At the match-up ceremony, Ellie has a peeved look on her face when Alexandria picks Anthony to be her perfect match. Alexandria admits to Ryan that they hooked up. Ryan asks Ellie if she’s being a “roadblock”. Paris pipes up to clarify: “Are you being a cockblock?”

Jess says that she and Garland will remain friends — and nothing more — because her heart is with Layton. Tyler chooses Layton. Ellie chooses Nathan, saying, “Don’t even get me started on my fucking perfect match.” The anger seems semi-playful. Nathan accuses Ellie of being obsessed with Anthony; she responds by throwing Nathan’s obsession with Shelby and Christina in his face.

Christina chooses Layton.

Everyone starts freaking out when Layton chooses to sit with Christina, who’s the bigger risk, instead of Tyler. There are shocked faces, Curtis starts crying, Jenni yells: “It’s our money!” (I wonder if production told Layton to choose Christina to cause last minute drama? Or if it’s just Layton being Layton?)

They win!

We see montages of Jasmine & Alex, Brandon & Christina, and Ellie & Anthony. Ryan gives Christina props for sticking it out all 10 weeks.

Next week… it’s the reunion!

Confirmed Perfect Matches
Pratt & Paris
Shelby & Curtis
John & Jenni
Jasmine & Alex
Dario & Ashley
Brandon & Briana
Anthony & Alexandria
Garland & Jess
Nathan & Ellie
DOUBLE MATCH: Layton, Christina, & Tyler

Final Thoughts
Season 2 was a bust. The 11th girl twist definitely created a lot of drama, because Christina was involved in a number of romantic entanglements that ended badly and Brandon & Christina’s inability to let each other go was a source of tension and problems within the house. But it became annoying to watch and was highly reminiscent of Chris & Shanley from Season 1, except the first cast got rid of Chris by sending him to the Honeymoon Suite fairly early on in the game, whereas we were stuck with Brandon for the bulk of the season.

The fact that this cast had a hard time figuring out their matches until the very end made it difficult to invest in any of these couples. I can’t imagine a single “perfect match” or non-“perfect match” that’s still together in real life. (We’ll find out at the Reunion.) Even if the other 9 couples in Season 1 didn’t work out, there’s something to Amber & Ethan’s success story that makes Are You The One a little more compelling (as far as MTV reality shows go) to watch. This show is about love and money, and when love doesn’t become a factor anymore, that makes the show less interesting. Despite the editing, I can’t point to any couple that emerged in the latter half of the season that felt motivated by anything except their desire to win the million dollars. (Not that I can blame them.) The couples that were formed in the early half of the season, like Curtis & Briana and Anthony & Jenni, were the only ones driven by real feelings and genuine emotion.

The ratings were really bad, so I have no idea if MTV will be doing a third season. I really hope so, because the premise is great and the show is always a hot mess — but a fun hot mess. The problems lie with casting. Maybe there were too many people in their early 20s this season. If we get a Season 3, casting should aim for more people in their mid-20s. And they should definitely drop the 11th girl twist in favor of something else.

What did you think of Season 2? Are you excited to watch the Reunion?