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4 TV Shows With Kids Who Actually Aren’t Annoying

You can think kids in real life are cute all you want, but let’s be real, it’s a rare thing indeed for kids in TV-land to be anything other than awful annoying screen-time wasters, or at the very least boring and unnecessary. But every now and then, there’s a show that manages to write kids well, such that not only are the kids not annoying, they’re likable. They make us want to see more of them. Here are 4 such TV shows:


Andre, Diane, Jack, and Zoe, black-ish
Honestly, these kids were the main inspiration for this list. Never before have a group of children endeared themselves to me in such a quick and all-enveloping manner (except, I guess, the kids in my own family. I guess.) The oldest son, Andre, is a nerd who builds replicas of Hobbit Shires and then tries to bring them with him to school. The oldest daughter, Zoe, is the popular girl at school and, as we discover in the Halloween episode, a bit of an evil, smirky genius when it comes to pranks. Not to mention she’s business savvy.

Then there’s the twins, Diane and Jack. Diane is an adorable, amazing, bloodthirsty little thing (if you need proof of this, see the look on her face when she’s witnessing the carnage of the E.R. in “The Nod”). Jack is a complete brat but he’s also oh-so-cute, a fact which he uses to his advantage to avoid a spanking in “Crime and Punishment”.

kira orphan black

Kira, Orphan Black
Kira manages to be helpful and not get in the way, all while being really, really, unbearably cute. The miracle child of Sarah Manning and Cal Morrison, this kid has shown herself to be resourceful and intelligent, oftentimes beyond her years. She’s growing up in some terrible circumstances, though. It’s extremely messed up that she felt the need to casually rip out her own tooth to save one of her mother’s clone sisters.

the walking dead carl

Carl & Judith, The Walking Dead
Carl Grimes started out mildly awful, but he’s grown a lot since the early days of The Walking Dead. For one thing, he doesn’t go off on his own anymore, putting an end to those “Where’s Carl?” memes. The trauma of having to shoot his own mom, to prevent her from becoming a Walker, has forced Carl to mature at a rapid rate. These days, he’s a badass with a gun who isn’t afraid to kill Walkers… or humans. Meanwhile, Judith “Lil’ Asskicker” Grimes is the best post-apocalyptic baby ever — most of the time she’s sleeping and she doesn’t cry or fuss too much when the Walkers are out and about, which causes minimal issues for our heroes. You go, Judith.

bob's burgers

Tina, Gene, & Louise, Bob’s Burgers
The Belcher family as a whole is amazing and something to aspire to. The parents – Bob and Linda – are supportive of their children’s various quirks, funny without being mean about it. Tina is the oldest and the most timid one of the three, with a deep monotonous voice and a fierce love and appreciation for butts. Middle child Gene is intense about his interests and has amazing (and I mean amazing) musical talent. And the youngest of the Belcher offspring, Louise, is a bit of an evil mastermind with a twisted sense of humor, never seen without her signature pink rabbit ear hat.

Tell me your list of non-annoying TV kids in the comments below (or even better, rant about the ones you can’t stand)!