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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: “We Need to Talk About Annette”

The closer Mindy and Danny get in their relationship on The Mindy Project, the closer Mindy also gets with Annette Castellano (Rhea Perlman). So much so, in fact, that in this episode, she learns something new about her. She’s a thief. In very much the same way Mindy is. But while Mindy just downloads pirated movies and music, Annette likes to steal everything. Okay, that might be a little exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Mindy takes Annette shopping for a new swimsuit for her Synchronized Seniors Aqua-Disco class. While Mindy’s paying for all of the random things Annette wants to get, she turns around to see Annette stuffing a leather bomber jacket into her bag. She’s shocked, but set on telling Danny what she saw, but Annette sort of beats her to the punch. Annette gives him the bomber jacket because he’s wanted one since he was very young and he deserves it for working so hard. “I used to play Top Gun wearing a garbage bag pretending it was one of these!”

Oof. Taking in Danny’s glee of finally getting what he’s wanted his entire life, Mindy becomes more conflicted with what she should do. She eventually turns to Jeremy for help, but he tells her what she’s been doing this whole time. Don’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Peter and Abby’s relationship is going swimmingly. Not a pun, I swear. He’s surprised to find that she’s not “one of those sample sale mani-pedi princesses.” She’d rather chill at home, drink,  and eat something with cheese on it. Because of her low-maintenance, he thinks she’s amazing. She invites him to the Electric Insanity Ball, basically a rave, but he can’t party because he’s on call. When Mindy hears this, she offers to cover for him because he just has to go.

Mindy overhears Tamra and Morgan have some sort of quarrel because the charm bracelet he got for her has gone missing. It means a lot because it was 3 month’s salary. Mindy helps out by telling her to retrace her steps. It seems like the last place she remembers seeing it is when she took it off to show to Annette. Jumping to conclusions, Mindy goes all the way over to Staten Island to see if Annette has it. She catches onto what Mindy’s insinuating, but before she can retort, Mindy gets a text from Tamra telling her she’s found it. It was on her ankle the whole time. Annette was so offended with Mindy’s accusation, that she calls Danny to let him know what happened and invites them over to dinner that night.

“You’re dealing with Catholics now. This is a guilt dinner, which means she’s going to torture you. Get ready to repent, Lahiri.”

Because of the dinner date, Mindy can’t cover for Peter. He can still go to the party, but he has to be sober, which offers a problem because he’s never actually hung out with Abby when he was sober. He’s actually only at the party for a little while because he gets called to help out on a delivery, but Abby keeps asking him if he can drink something or take something. After he’s done with the delivery, Abby texts him that he should come back and party some more, but he ignores it and just heads home for the night. The next morning, he breaks up with her because he “needs someone who wants him to put pants on before lunch.” They end up being just friends.

At the dinner, Mindy apologizes for her actions, but she feels the need to come clean about what she saw. She admits she saw Annette steal, but Danny doesn’t believe her. He asks his Ma if she stole the jacket and luckily, she confesses and apparently went right back to the store after and paid for it. Danny forgives her and they hug, but as they’re about to part, her watch gets stuck to the jacket’s tag. When she pulls away, the tag gets pulled and a bunch of blue liquid comes gushing out of it. So, she didn’t go back and pay for it!

The next day, Danny, Mindy, and Annette visit the store to pay the jacket back. The store manager tells them that this could be a felony charge because it costs more than $500. Danny wants to stay there and face the music, but Mindy won’t let that happen. She makes a very compelling statement that if their son were to get in trouble, she’d do anything to bail him out. This convinces Danny enough and they all run away. Danny yells that he’ll pay later, of course.

That night, Danny tells Mindy that she was right. It’s always family first. To celebrate, she plays “Danger Zone” from Top Gun, the first song she’s legally bought and downloaded. He doesn’t exactly dance, but he does put the jacket and sunglasses back on and says some memorable lines.

Memorable Quotes

“When [Danny] was little, every April Fool’s Day, I used to pretend I died.” – Annette

“I once had fries for a week. Yeah.” – Mindy

“Whenever I can’t find my phone, it’s usually in the freezer next to my ice cream bars.” – Mindy

“Why are you looking at me like that?” “You look a lot like Mindy in that outfit.” “Keep your eyes up here, man.” “You look good.” “Shut up!” – Peter & Danny

“Come back later. And bring the baby!” – Abby

I’m really going to miss Abby because I thought it was hilarious when she was so high that she forgot she had just been talking to Peter in his office and just walks back in.