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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “Many Happy Returns”

Probably the most anticipated parts of these new episodes and this new season of The 100 has been the reunions. We’ve had to painfully endure watching our characters interact without others for a long time. Okay, maybe not that long, but three episodes is a long time! And what this show really has the ability to do best is give us some of these “happy returns,” but then snatch that happiness away. I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning.

We pick up where we left off, with Jaha in the middle of some desert. A very curious boy comes across him and also notices the black chess piece Jaha brought with him. As soon as the boy picks it up, Jaha snatches it right back.

Clarke and Anya are still trying to escape the Mountain Men and Clarke is now her prisoner. Clarke tries once again to convince her that they should work together, but she doesn’t get very far when lasers and sleeping darts attack them and they’re forced to run again. Before they run off though, Clarke snatches at one of the sleeping darts. Maybe for later use?

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Finn & co. come across many dead bodies scattered around debris of the Ark. They survey the area, looking for any survivors, but there doesn’t seem to be any. Until, they hear someone whimpering from the bottom of the cliff they’re standing on. Her name is Mel and she’s recognized by Sterling who was her friend back on the Ark. Despite the fact that they can very easily help her to safety, Finn wants to leave her behind and continue looking for Clarke. Bellamy’s very reluctant to just leave her there, but as soon as they turn to tell the others they’ll be back for her, Sterling’s already tied himself to a tree and is halfway down to get her.

Once again, proving why she’s my favorite, Raven’s in a very vulnerable state despite being such a strong character. She’s trying to come to grips with her now crippled leg. She’s very frustrated and crying because she can’t get her foot out of a wire it got stuck in, but she’s interrupted with the news that she’s got a job building a new radio beacon that will be used to get in contact with other Ark survivors.

Jaha wakes up to find himself in a little shanty house with the boy giving him some water to drink. He introduces himself to the boy whose name is Zoran. His parents come in very angrily because the boy wasn’t supposed to bring him inside.

Despite how far they’ve gotten, Clarke and Anya are still being followed. Anya realizes that they’re probably following them because they can smell Clarke, so they both take a nice little mud bath to cover their scent. Probably great for their skin too.


Sterling’s very close to reaching Mel, but the farther down he goes, the more the rope starts to become undone. None of the others notice, which I find a little crazy because who would rely on a little tree trunk to hold him up?

“Well, I’d say he’s heard one too many of your motivational speeches.”

“Shut up, Murphy.”

Sterling’s reached Mel, when the rock they’re both standing on suddenly collapses and she’s forced to grab ahold of the branch above her. This sudden weight on the rope isn’t very good because it suddenly gives and sends him falling to his death. Being the true leader he is, Bellamy decides that they need to make a new rope out of seatbelts and wires and rescue the poor girl. The other two want to go along with it, but Finn still wants to ditch her and find Clarke. Who even are you, Finn? Who have you become?

Jaha wakes up once again to find himself in the same little house, but with Zoran’s mother, Sienna, for company. She tells him he’s in what’s known as the Dead Zone on the way to the City of Light. She also feeds him live bugs, which is basically his initiation into the frat known as the Ground. Zoran very excitedly enters proclaiming about more food, but he enters without the cloth covering his face. He has been hiding some very bad scarring around his mouth from Jaha. When Jaha sees him, he flinches, caushing Zoran to run off. Jaha apologizes and Sienna tells him that he was born that way, causing him to be shunned. In her culture, they usually leave out babies that have been scarred or changed by radiation, but she couldn’t do that to her son, so they ran away.

the 100 raven reyes

Raven arrives at the engineering dock to find Wick, an engineer from the Ark, high on helium. They’re going to be working together to build the beacon. He got a head start designing it and he also created a leg brace for Raven to wear. Raven’s very bothered by this, calling it a “piece of crap.” She likes being strong. She likes having the ability to move around. She hates her vulnerabilities, so she tries to make do and live with them. The thing is, she doesn’t like showing she’s weak. After a lot of engineering and mechanic talk that flew over my head, Raven’s come to the conclusion that the current isn’t high enough, so she has to climb up a very tall radio tower. Without the use of her left leg, Raven’s forced to lift herself up with just her arms. This obviously proves to be very difficult because she only goes up about 2 steps before she very angrily gives up.

Despite having put a bunch of mud on their bodies, Clarke and Anya are still being followed. They realize that one of them must have a tracking device in them, and that person is Anya. She rips out the device from her arm with her teeth and continues on. This show is so gory. How did she even do that?

The seat belt rope has been made and Bellamy’s being lowered down in it to retrieve Mel. “Just put your arms around me.” Who wouldn’t want to put their arms around Bellamy? Why did she even have to hesitate? Once Bellamy’s got a hold of her, they start to pull him up. The seat belt rope actually comes undone with Murphy being the only one holding on. He has the ability to let go and have Bellamy fall to his death, but he doesn’t. The rest grab ahold and start pulling, but then they start getting attacked by arrows. Monroe tries to shoot at them, but she just ends up getting an arrow in her leg. The attack doesn’t last for long because the foghorn is blown, calling the Grounders off. This gives them just enough time to pull Bellamy and Mel up to safety.

What I thought was very interesting was that they had Mel pretty much land on top of Finn. I think this was meant to show that saving her was worth it. Finn has been acting very out of character and this brief moment, when he’s facing the person he saved, brought him back to the present. In any other circumstance he would’ve saved her. Also, Bellamy sees that Murphy was the one that held up the rope when it came undone. In his eyes, this act has redeemed Murphy, even just a little bit.

And we finally get a reunion from members of our original 100 when Bellamy sees that it was actually Octavia who saved them and blew the foghorn. They very happily embrace. Don’t mind me, I’m just over here crying and sniffling.


Very disheartened, Raven tells Wick that she’s quitting working on the radio beacon and he can find someone else. He tries to make her feel better by telling her:

“You’re the best mechanic we’ve got…Listen, you have a first-rate mind. You do. Use it. Your leg’s messed up, and that blows. Figure out a way to work around it.”

This gives her the incentive to try on the brace he made her and she’s surprised to find that it works very well. She doesn’t need to rely on her crutches anymore.

Jaha takes a lot of naps in this episode because he wakes up and finds Zoran in the room, covered up again. He tells Zoran to take it off because it doesn’t bother him. He also gives him the chess piece he brought down with him. He mentions his son Wells when he tells the boy that he taught Wells how to play chess when he was about Zoran’s age. When asked about him by Sienna, he lets her know that he chose his people first, unlike her.

A little while later, Jaha’s drawing a chessboard to teach Zoran how to play, but stops quickly when Zoran runs in telling him that he must escape. There are bad people coming to get him that will kill him. The only problem is that if Jaha runs, then they’ll most definitely kill Zoran’s family. Zoran notices that his father turned in Jaha and is the one accompanying the bad man. There’s a bounty on sky people. They did this because they needed a horse to travel to the City of Light. Jaha very selflessly gives himself up as Zoran watches. From afar, we see Jaha get whacked with what looks like a big club and he collapses.

“To survive, we do what we must.”

Octavia patches up Monroe’s leg wound as best she can, but she and Bellamy are afraid that there was poison in the arrow. Finn and Bellamy are going to have to go their separate ways because they have to get back to camp. Finn and Murphy leave to find the remaining 100 and Bellamy will catch up to them as soon as he can. Before they leave, Bellamy seems to trust Murphy now because he gives him his gun.

The sleeping dart comes in handy once Clarke uses it on Anya, which changes their positions. Anya is now Clarke’s prisoner. Clarke then drags her all the way over to the dropship. In the first episode back, they had left Clarke a note for where to find the Ark, but it’s smudged now. While Clarke’s busy inspecting this, Anya revives and attacks her from behind. After a pretty tough fight with Clarke eventually gaining the upper hand, she notices a large balloon-like structure floating in the sky not that far away. This radio/balloon beacon is what stops her from killing Anya and makes her realize that her people are alive.

“I knew it. He lied. My people are out there.”

While Sinclair congratulates Raven and Wick for their smart thinking, Byrne comes out and shoots the balloon down because it’s a target for Grounders. On edge, she authorizes that all the guards be stationed right outside of the wall and shoot any Grounder on sight.

Clarke and Anya reach the Ark by nightfall. Once there, Clarke lets her go, but not before they both agree that they need to work together to fight against the Mountain Men. They shake hands on it, but as soon as Anya turns and walks away, she gets fatally shot by the guards. As Clarke runs to her, she also gets shot, but in the arm. As Anya takes her last breath, the guards arrive and knock Clarke out with a gun.

“My fight is over.”

Season 2 Death Count: 3 – R.I.P. Anya & Sterling

Number of reunions: 2 – Bellamy & Octavia from this episode