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‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors: Jared Leto Might Play The Joker

suicide squad jared leto

Suicide Squad could be one of the more distinct and memorable comic book movies in recent years since it focuses on DC’s supervillains.

It definitely fits with the dark and gritty atmosphere of DC movies as of late (see: Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy). Assembled by Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad is a group of villains who become anti-heroes after they’re tasked with catching the bad guys in exchange for shorter prison sentences. It’s all part of a secret government operation, of course. And the reason they’re called the “Suicide” Squad is because their missions are extremely dangerous and deadly.

David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch, Training Day) is set to direct.

So far, nobody has been officially cast but the rumor mill says that Tom Hardy, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie have all been in talks to play Deadshot, Harkness, and Vixen, respectively. (Vixen is black in the comics and was even born in a fictional African village, so Robbie’s casting would effectively whitewash the character and cause quite the controversy.)

According to Latino Review, model turned actress Cara Delevingne is up for the role of Harley Quinn, The Joker’s quasi-girlfriend who carries around a giant mallet and happens to be batshit crazy. It would take a huge leap of faith for me to believe that Delevingne could pull it off.

Now, the most recent rumor floating around is that Jared Leto, frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars and recent Oscar recipient, might play The Joker. Huh?

I’m skeptical… but then again, most people were when Heath Ledger took on the role for The Dark Knight — and Ledger ended up doing an exceptional job.

Leto was reportedly being considered for the role of Doctor Strange at one point, as well. There’s no doubt his portrayal of Joker will draw comparisons to Ledger’s — if Leto is actually cast. The Joker may not even have a big role in the Suicide Squad movie, however. He could simply be used to explain Harley Quinn’s backstory and nothing more.

Tell me: who do you guys think should be cast in Suicide Squad? Do you like the idea of Leto playing The Joker?

Suicide Squad has a scheduled release date for August 5, 2016.