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‘Some Girls’ Series 3 Episode 1 Recap: Rocky Wants To Drop Out of School

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Some Girls is back with a third series! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Some Girls is a British comedy about four girls dealing with friendship, parents, boys, sex, and school.

It airs on BBC Three in the U.K. and stars Adelayo Adedayo as Viva, Mandheep Dhillon as Saz, Alice Felgate as Amber, and Natasha Jones as Holli. The supporting cast includes Colin Salmon as Viva’s dad Rob, Dolly Wells as Viva’s step-mother/teacher Anna, Nathan Bryon as Viva’s brother Jamie, Jassa Ahluwalia as Viva’s love interest Rocky, and Franz Drameh as Amber’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Brandon.

Viva is the most grounded out of all the girls and the series mostly follows her point-of-view. Saz comes from an Indian family and has a slew of hilarious facial expressions. Holli, who is aggressive and dresses “chavvy”, comes from a large family. Meanwhile, Amber proves all the blonde stereotypes correct by being the dumbest and ditziest girl in the group.

In the first episode of series 3, the girls are planning a pizza party after school at Viva’s house.

Holly is trying to save up 600 pounds for an undisclosed reason, while Saz is tricking her parents into thinking she’s spending her after school time playing chess by posting fake pictures to her fake Facebook account and leaking the password to them.

When Rocky reveals that he wants to drop out of school because he sucks, Viva is understandably distraught. He wants to know if Viva would dump him if he drops out, and Viva doesn’t give him a straight answer.

At school, Amber is worried about Brandon because she hasn’t heard from him in a while. Jumping to conclusions, she thinks he and his mom might have gone into witness protection, which none of the other girls think is very likely. And Viva reassures Rocky that she’ll love him no matter — even if he drops out of school. Taking this as a sign, Rocky decides he must drop out of school right away despite Viva telling him that he should think about it first.

After school, the girls visit Brandon’s house in order to look for him. Amber sticks her hand through the letterbox at the door to take some pictures to see if Brandon’s Xbox is still there, but she drops the phone. They ask a nearby trash collector to use his picker to retrieve the phone, but Holly’s arm gets stuck in the letterbox.

With Amber and Holli freaking out, Viva orders Saz to get some chips to calm everyone down. At the cafe, Saz sees Rocky approach the chef and gesture to something in his hand.

In front of Brandon’s house, Amber goes through the belongings in her purse and the girls realize she has Brandon’s spare keys. Amber laughs hysterically and ends up peeing her pants, but they get the door to open and Amber retrieves her phone.

Holly rushes off to meet up with her uncle, Eddie. She still has the letterbox stuck on her arm, which her uncle saws off.

She returns to Brandon’s house, where Saz tells Viva about seeing Rocky at the cafe. She tells her that Rocky was showing a diamond ring to the chef because he’s planning to propose. Viva is shocked, but she’s grateful for Saz telling her because now she can prepare how to gently let Rocky down. She’s only 18 and Viva, always the levelheaded one, doesn’t plan on getting married at such a young age.

In Brandon’s room, the girls talk about experiencing their first orgasm. Saz poked herself with a tampon at 14 years old and Viva doesn’t think she’s ever experienced one. She admits that she’s been faking it with Rocky. While Amber mopes about Brandon, Saz and Viva secretly notice pink panties and a woman’s name badge that reads “Shantelle”.

The girls realize that Brandon’s mom is still in the house. She’s a nurse who works night shifts so she sleeps all day with the aid of a sleeping pill. She’s furious when she sees that they’ve finished all her vodka and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and that they’ve ruined her door. She demands that they get out, and Amber is left not knowing about Brandon’s whereabouts.

After leaving Brandon’s house, the trash collector asks if he can spend more time with Holli, who is surprised but happy. She agrees to go out with him.

At Amber’s house, Saz and Viva reveal the name badge. Having her heart broken so many times by Brandon, Amber resolves to stay strong and forget all about him, but then her face falls and she starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Finally, Rocky invites Viva to the cafe and the girls watch as he orders two donuts for them. A bunch of the kids he coaches are standing just outside the cafe window with a bunch of signs, but they starts getting into a fight and Viva’s donut just has sugar and jelly. As Rocky’s proposal is seemingly ruined, Viva finds the engagement ring in Rocky’s donut. Rocky is prepared for Viva’s rejection since his proposal didn’t go the way he had planned. Instead, Viva shocks everyone by saying yes.