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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: “Heartless”

“Henry sends a succubus that will drain the life forces from its victims, so Ichabod and Abbie set out to stop it.”

knew they were going to do a succubus episode. I just knew it.

“Heartless” starts off with Katrina and Ichabod watching an episode of The Bachelor (a real one or a parody, I have no idea, since I’ve never actually watched The Bachelor) and debating the meaning of true love, as you do. I much prefer these guys when they’re being light and playful, rather than dramatically declaring the depth of their own true love… which, of course, is exactly what they start doing ten seconds later.

Abbie then shows up with a timeframe: it’s been almost a week since the events of the last episode, as well as the last time they heard from Henry. Cue scene cutaway to Henry pulling a still beating heart out of a jar and chanting something demonic over it to summon a succubus, who gets right to work sucking the life out of some poor lovesick chump in a club. She then reports to Henry – who was in the middle of telling an irate Headless Horseman that Moloch has ordered him not to go after Katrina – and it’s revealed that the succubus is gathering sustenance for Moloch. Of course. Everything is for Moloch. Can’t these guys do anything for themselves for once?

Abbie and Ichabod are called to the crime scene at the club, and quickly deduce that it’s supernaturally caused and therefore Henry’s doing. They (and Katrina) get to work deciphering the clues left behind, with Katrina helpfully providing some information on creatures that target the life force on certain points of the body. When a vision causes Katrina to feel weakened, Ichabod – perhaps reacting out of jealousy to Katrina’s remarks about Abraham – whisks her away to the cabin to rest. Leaving Abbie alone, to do the rest of the work. SMH.

Elsewhere, the succubus strikes again, this time attacking a woman who’s in love with her friend’s girlfriend. At Ichatrina’s suggestion that these attacks might be the doings of an artifact, Abbie consults with Hawley to see if he knows of any artifacts (at a bar, which he interprets as a date, then is so hurt by Abbie’s continued refusal that he immediately hits on two other women at the bar), but he doesn’t recognize the bodies’ symptoms.

It’s quickly revealed that Hawley is in danger of becoming one of the bodies when, during Team Good Guys’ exposition on a succubus’ powers, the succubus herself cozies up to Hawley at the bar while mimicking Abbie (rather awfully, to be honest). Katrina casts a spell, they realize Hawley is the next target, and Abbie and Ichabod rush over to save him – just in time, because Hawley was like two seconds away from dying. Thanks to their interference and one of Hawley’s little artifacts, they manage to fight the succubus off. Naturally, Ichabod notices Hawley’s fixation on Abbie, connects it to Hawley’s susceptibility to the succubus, and becomes instantly defensive of her, though later on seems willing enough to encourage Abbie to date him.

Katrina’s visions continue, and with them Team Good Guys figure out that the succubus is gathering food for a baby Moloch, the creature they thought they had destroyed last episode. Apparently instead of destroying it, they just shoved Moloch’s energy elsewhere, and Henry and the succubus are working to nurture Moloch to full strength. Thanks to Abbie’s trace on Henry’s computer search history, they track the current Evil Headquarters down to Shady Hills Cemetery. New mission: destroy the heart of the succubus, destroy the growing Moloch.

Abby and Katrina are on heart destroying duty, while Hawley and Ichabod go back to the club where the succubus first hunted to try and keep her from hunting anyone else. Of course Ichabod ends up being lured to a back room where the succubus tries to prey on his doubts about Katrina. Meanwhile Katrina gets knocked out by a hex, interrupting her spell to destroy the heart, leaving Abbie to pick up the slack as Hawley and Ichabod fight off the succubus. Finally the thing dies, and the Hawley & Ichabod and Abbie & Katrina partnerships come to an understanding. Yay?

Katrina, though, has resolved to do her part to end the war by returning to Abraham/Headless, and using him to get to Moloch. She knows Ichabod won’t agree to this, which is why she’s leaving it all on poor Abbie to tell Ichabod. Surprisingly, Ichabod seems pretty cool with it, because he trusts her.

Which is right when the camera cuts away to Katrina looking into Moloch’s crib and seeing a perfectly healthy human baby instead of the demon creature, because of that necklace Abraham gave her. The look of joy on her face does not bode well for Team Good Guys.

Memorable Quotes

Ichabod: Nevertheless, they are part of who you are. And secrecy is a hard habit to break.

Abbie: Who gets in the backseat of their own car? Someone who thinks they’re gonna get lucky! [Ichabod looks confused] Um. Get lucky. Score. Get some…
Ichabod: Ah. Macking. Macking on a lady.

Abbie: [People] change, and evolve. It’s just your relationship has to evolve as well.

Abbie: I think that there are things that even a mother’s love can’t overcome. My mother loved me and Jenny, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Comments + Verdict

  • This season has gradually become the Crane Family Drama show and I am not here for it. Disregarding my reservations on whether or not Ichabod and Katrina’s chemistry is enough to sell the Meant To Be, Star-Crossed Lovers angle, why in the hell are they still trying a redemption arc with Henry AKA Jeremy AKA the freaking Horseman of War? Why aren’t we getting more of Abbie and Jenny, or something (anything!) with Irving and his family? Crane Family Drama is not why people signed up to watch Sleepy Hollow – we, or at least I, kept watching because of Abbie, and Ichabod, Abbie & crew saving the world, not episode after episode of “Can Henry be redeemed through the power of a parent’s love?” Yeesh. Why can’t the evil guys just be plain evil?
  • I’m all for evil creature/history exposition coming from someone other than Ichabod, though, so Katrina showcasing her witchy knowledge in this episode was welcome. At least she got to do something other than say cryptic things, be a damsel in distress, or be an awful spy.
  • Not really feeling the Hawley/Abbie, but they’re pushing it so hard I’m just gonna sigh and pretend I’m okay with it. Mostly because I want Abbie to get some. She deserves it, after having to put up with all the Crane Family Drama.
  • Abbie bravely digging her hand into a jar full of writhing maggots to get the heart was the most disgusting thing ever. Her deadpan, “This is nasty,” after getting the heart, however, was the most hilarious.
  • Query – isn’t Katrina once again returning to Abraham going to make him think she’s actually fallen in love with him after all? And isn’t he going to try to do that spell that will make her his undead bride forever? That was the deal, right, have her fall in love with him via Stockholm Syndrome and then immortalize her? How exactly is Katrina going to pull this off?
  • Overall this episode was pretty weak. There were some good moments, but a lot of the hour was just meh.

Verdict: C