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‘Are You The One?’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Parental Guidance”

are you the one parental guidance episode 6

The arguments and melodrama continue in this week’s Are You The One?.

Getaway Challenge: Ryan Devlin seems to enjoy saying “The Long Arm of the In-Laws” so I wonder if he has anything to do with these names. It involves the girls’ family members who have all been invited to the house, but it’s the guys (YET AGAIN) who get to participate in the challenge by matching the girls with their respective family member. The guys keep getting to participate in the challenges this season while the girls just sit around watching them. It’s starting to get really annoying and I wonder why the producers have chosen to do it this way.

Anyway, John admits to the parents that he’s on the show for money first and foremost; love is secondary. Brandon, Layton, and Anthony confess to using the Boom Boom Room. We get some screentime for Alex and Garland, two of the more invisible guys in the house. We learn that Alex is a comedian, while Garland is investing in a club/bar or something or rather.

During the family reunion, Anthony comments on Bri’s mom looking hot. In fact, Anthony expresses interest in all of the moms.

Challenge Results: John had the most correct answers and he chooses to go on a date Jasmine. Dario chooses Bri, while Alex chooses the other and even more invisible Alex (Alexandria). Bri is an interesting choice since she’s still reeling from Curtis not being her match and going off to the honeymoon suite with Shelby instead. Alex thinks Bri could be his match, but she’s taken so he picks Alexandria as his second choice because apparently she’s a lot of fun. We haven’t seen any evidence of this yet, of course.

At the house, Ellie gets relationship advice from her grandmother who tells her to play it coy and let the guys come to her. Layton has a chat with Jess’s mom, while Tyler’s mom talks to Garland about the love vs. money aspect of the game. Anthony introduces himself to Jenni’s mom, as well. Jenni’s mom is a huge fan of Anthony, for some reason. Elsewhere, Christina’s step-dad makes her realize that she needs to let go of Brandon. Hah. Yeah. Right.

Jess is upset (read: jealous) when Jenni asks Layton to meet her mom. And Layton continues to be the worst, by telling Jenni’s mom that Jenni should have started with the “best” (him) and not the worst (Anthony).

Post-Family Reunion: Shit hits the fan after Alex tells Anthony what Layton said. Anthony goes to confront Layton and they get into a heated argument, with Layton screaming in Anthony’s face.

The rest of the houseguests jump to Anthony’s defense, especially Ellie who pushes Layton away. Layton, you psycho. Ellie tells the cameras that she’s very determined to protect Anthony. The two end up having a heart to heart, but this is clearly not going in any romantic direction.

Meanwhile, Jess has a problem with Jenni because she thinks Jenni doesn’t know herself and is just playing around with all of these guys. Jess is clearly the female version of Layton because she starts getting in Jenni’s face. The rest of the house — especially Briana and Tyler — comes to Jenni’s defense, however. It seems the only person who is on Jess’ side is Ellie.

Sidenote: Alex seems to be everywhere this episode. They didn’t even explain him being sick and sitting out of the challenge last week, and now he’s in the middle of every major conversation or argument.

Couples Getaway: Jasmine and John relate because they both have a similar take on career and family. Jasmine doesn’t want to have kids until she’s in her 30s. Alex and Alexandria talk about being in love; Alexandria has been in love three times. Meanwhile, Dario talks to Briana about his past relationships. Dario and Briana actually seem like they would go well together, which is interesting since their respective former flings — Shelby and Curtis — ended up being a match. After hanging out with him, Briana seems convinced that Dario has to be her match.

Truth Booth: Ellie defends Jess to the rest of the house right before the Truth Booth results. Devlin asks what’s been going on and Alex calls Jess out on being jealous of Jenni.

John and Jasmine get voted into the Truth Booth.

But it’s not a match! They both seem bummed out.

I really liked Jasmine’s quote: “I’m a great person. I deserve someone great.”

Post-Truth Booth: Christina talks to Nathan, the stalker, about being his match. She vows to stay away from Brandon.

At the honeymoon suite, Pratt, Paris, Curtis, and Shelby are worried about the other houseguests’ ability to play the game and figure out all of the correct matches.

Random Scene: Ellie finds a crab that fell out of Alexandria’s purse.

The Match-up Ceremony: Curtis says despite being in the honeymoon suite with Shelby, he left his heart back at the house. Bri is pleased: “I love him. I’m going to explode rainbows and butterflies and unicorns in, like, two seconds.”

Jenni seems fed up with the Anthony and Layton drama. The two get into another heated argument at the match-up ceremony. (Jenni is supposed to be fun, but clearly that doesn’t translate well on TV because she seems like one of the blandest girls in the house. Still, she doesn’t deserve to be slut-shamed (last week) or get paired up with Layton. Nobody deserves that.)

Anyway, it’s ladies’ choice this week and this is how everyone couples up:

Jasmine & Nathan
Ashley & Brandon
Bri & Dario
Ellie & Anthony
Tyler & Garland
Alexandria & John
Jenni & Layton
Jessica & Alex

Jess is annoyed that Anthony and Layton keep arguing about Jenni.

Anthony likes Ellie’s “spirit” and “personality”. Yikes. That’s definitely friend-zone speak.

Tyler chooses Garland despite her mom writing down “HELL NO” next to his name.

Christina picks Nathan but he decides to stick with Jasmine. Statistically, it’s the best move but Nathan’s reasoning has to do with Christina and Brandon’s ongoing relationship.

The number of perfect matches is… zero.


Ryan Devlin actually seems angry with them. I think it’s hilarious.

Despite their horrible track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if these people win the season. Getting zero matches means 10 extra truth booths. This season they’ve had at least 20 truth booths. Next week, we could be up to 30. We’ll see!

MVP of the Week: Jasmine. For giving us that wonderful quote: “I’m a great person. I deserve someone great.” Don’t we all?