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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 6 Recap: “Caramel Princess Time”

After two very long weeks, we finally get a new episode of The Mindy Project that makes up for the lost time. And actually, time is what this episode focuses on, or rather, Mindy Lahiri’s inability to be on time.

“Caramel Princess Time” opens with Danny (Chris Messina) waiting for Mindy (Mindy Kaling) to get to their date at the movie theater. She takes so long, though, that tickets end up running out for The Godfather 2. This is just the beginning of Danny’s issue with Mindy always being late.

The next morning, Danny confronts Mindy about this problem that she’s had in all their 7 months of dating (they’ve been dating for 7 months already? What a big time jump). She thinks he should be able to accept this side of her because she has to accept going to mass every Sunday when she’s not even Catholic. Danny seems to slightly accept this reconciliation.

Dr. Fishman (Niecy Nash), from the last episode, visits Danny at his office to give him a flyer for her Mental Health Seminar for at-risk hospital personnel. She’s worried about him because the last time she saw him, he said he wanted to kill himself over what Mindy did to him. He assures her that there’s nothing wrong, but promises that he’ll read the brochure.

Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) and Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) visit Peter (Adam Pally) in his office with the news that she wants to set him up with her friend Abby who is practically her twin. With that, Peter very eagerly sets off to the gym to prepare for his blind date.

That night, Mindy and Danny are set to have a date at Laffaboutit: NYC’s Best Italian-American Comedy. She arrives about 10 minutes late to find that Danny isn’t there! He left because he got tired of waiting (somewhat reminiscent of the season 2 finale, right?). The comedian performing reads her texts aloud and announces to the crowd that she should probably “Take a Hike!”, which is what it says on the back of his jacket. The entire crowd starts chanting “Take a hike” as she walks out. “You know what? I will leave, but I will never hike.”

Maybe Peter’s date will be better in comparison, but when he arrives at the restaurant and asks if a “woman of color” has checked in yet, no one has. A woman waiting at the bar starts up a conversation with him, telling him that she’s also here on a blind date. They both describe who they’re supposed to be meeting, Peter should be meeting a “tall, gorgeous, African American,” while she’s meeting “a doctor who looks like Meatloaf or a meatloaf.” Her friend Tamra wasn’t specific. When Peter hears that Tamra’s her friend, he knows that this is Abby (Fargo‘s Allison Tolman), his date. Their date doesn’t really go well because of Peter’s pathetic attempt at caring about what she’s telling him, like the fact that she’s a historical romance novelist. He makes an excuse to leave by telling her that he needs to go do a quick delivery.

The next morning, Mindy’s 13 minutes late, but she’s giving Danny the silent treatment for leaving her at the comedy club. They end up arguing in the break-room with everyone watching. Mindy bets that Danny will be late at least once, but he says that’s never going to happen. Of course, this gets Mindy plotting.

Tamra and Morgan also confront Peter about ditching Abby on their date. He thought that she’d be more of a physical match for him, which gets Tamra even angrier. She tells him that Abby will be at the bookstore signing books and he should apologize.

That night, in order to have Danny be late to work, Mindy sets his watch an hour early. The next day, as Danny’s taking his morning run, he sees Mindy hailing a taxi. He’s proud of her for a brief moment for being early, up until when Mindy asks him why he’s not ready for work, which starts in 20 minutes. He realizes she changed the time on his digital and now he’s forced to run all the way to work to be on time (also reminiscent of the season 2 finale).

mindy project chris messina

As soon as Mindy announces to the office that Danny will be a little late, he comes running in, all sweaty yelling, “I made it! It’s 8:59!” He does a little victory dance around the office (every day, I thank the high heavens for Chris Messina), but stops immediately when he bumps into Dr. Fishman. She talks to him in his office about his emotional issues. He’s suspended from seeing patients until he takes her mental health course. Even worse, it’s run by Brendan Deslaurier (Mark Duplass). Mindy feels so badly about this that she offers to take Danny’s mother on her errands on Saturday while he’s at the course.

Peter ends up visiting Abby at her book signing and, while he’s waiting in line, he falls in love with her book. When he proposes that he wants to go on another date with Abby, she tells him off for judging her based on her looks and calls him a jerk. Hell yeah!

Annette Castellano and her friend Dot seem to be just as bad as Mindy at being on time. First, they take forever in getting ready for their hair appointments and then they’re an hour late to their mammograms. Not to mention, they made her get a “Dixie Carter hairstyle.” Dr. Caroline only agrees to see them because Mindy helped her when she was drunk that one time. When Mindy turns back to tell Annette and Dot the good news, they tell her they don’t want to go in anymore because they’re too tired and they heard the mammogram machines give you cancer. Mindy yells at them by calling them inconsiderate, not caring about anyone else’s time, etc.. She forces them to get their mammograms, but not before they start to cry over what she said.

Meanwhile, the mental health course hasn’t been going that well for Danny and Brendan’s taking it upon himself to talk to him one-on-one in front of everyone. Danny ends up revealing that when he was younger, he was supposed to see Ghostbusters with his father, but he never showed up. “If you love someone, if you really love someone, why would you keep them waiting?”

So now we know why he waited so little for Mindy to show up at the Empire State Building, although I wish they had mentioned that in the episode. They would have brought it full circle. Either way, Danny gets a call from his mom so he’s forced to leave the course.

Peter ends up visiting Abby at her book club and in an effort to apologize, he reads her his own story, “A Titanic Mistake: A Sunken Romance.” Despite how horrible it is, Abby accepts his apology and decides to go on another date with him.

Danny arrives at his mother’s house to find Mindy sitting outside on the porch. They both apologize to each other — Mindy for always being late and Danny for overreacting about it — although they have their own reasons for doing it. He mentions his father briefly, but Mindy doesn’t press further for more information, giving him some space.


  • “I’m not late. It’s 9:18, which is practically 9:15, which is basically 9. Danny, if anything, I’m early.” – Mindy
  • “I gotta get to the gym, man. Steal me some soap.” – Peter
  • “This feels a lot more like a lecture. Not the good kind where I end up stalking the professor at the end.” – Mindy
  • “I have to highlight and contour everything just so you have sex with me. I’m basically CGI.” – Mindy
  • “The guy told me to take a hike. The audience loved it. Now he wants me to go on tour with him.” – Mindy
  • “You think that’s bad? My female boss is in love with me.” – Morgan
  • “Mindy take a picture. You gotta capture this and email it to me. And then print out the email and hand it to me.” – Annette