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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Episode 9 Recap: “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”

how to get away with murder

In episode 9 of How To Get Away With Murder, “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” (a quote from Annalise), we finally see what happened the night Sam (Tom Verica) was murdered.

Annalise (Viola Davis) is sick of the lies and grabs Sam’s belongings, intending to kick him out.

Sam maintains his innocence and accuses Annalise of ruining his life when the argument heats up and true feelings come out. Annalise admits that she’s been sleeping with another man. “His name is Nate.” Sam calls her out on being a hypocrite and the argument escalate, with Sam grabbing Annalise’s throat and claiming that she was nothing but a “piece of ass” to him the first time they met. Annalise is relieved that they’re finally able to tell the truth to each other. She leaves, with Rebecca waiting just outside, flashdrive in hand.

Meanwhile, Wes drives Connor and Laurel to Annalise’s place. He confesses everything about Sam and Lila’s relationship, which is the reason Rebecca is going back to the house.

With just Sam occupying the house, Michaela barges in with the trophy and insists on waiting for Annalise to come back. She spots Rebecca, who’s broken in, and Sam chases her upstairs where she locks herself in one of the bedrooms, yelling to Michaela to call Wes. Wes explains everything to Michaela over the phone while a seemingly drunken Sam pounds on the door.

With Sam, Rebecca, Wes, Laurel, and Connor all in the house, Rebecca finally opens the door after she’s done downloading Sam’s computer information to the flashdrive. As they’re calmly about to leave, Sam suddenly tackles Rebecca, trying to get the flashdrive. During the struggle, Michaela accidentally shoves Sam over the railing. He appears dead and the Keating Four (plus Rebecca) commence freaking out.

Sam suddenly becomes conscious again and tries to strangle Rebecca until Wes hits him over the head with the trophy, officially killing him. That’s also how Rebecca gets all the blood splattered on her face.

During all of this, Annalise is waiting in a car outside a police station, contemplating going inside and telling them about Sam. Elsewhere, Bonnie is drinking her sorrows away at a bar, having just been fired, while Asher is partying hard at the bonfire.

We revisit a bunch of scenes we saw in previous episodes, with “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” finally piecing everything together.

After dropping Rebecca off at the motel, Wes goes back to the house to retrieve the trophy/murder weapon.*

Annalise goes to Nate about Sam.

The Keating Four meet up in the woods with Wes arriving last with the trophy. A coin flip (rigged by Wes) decides they need to go back for the body. At Annalise’s house, Laurel warns Michaela not to call her fiance Aiden because the cell phone towers will pinpoint her location and the authorities will know she was at Annalise’s house the night of Sam’s murder. Laurel washes the blood from the trophy in the kitchen sink.

Bonnie’s sexual encounter (?) with a stranger leaves her sobbing and drunk and she ends up calling Asher to meet back at his place. There, Bonnie tells him she’s a “grown ass woman” and they engage in what looks like horribly awkward sex.

At Nate’s apartment, Annalise and Nate end up having sex, as well. Afterward, Annalise leaves to go back to her house. She calls Sam’s phone and leaves an emotional voicemail about wanting to reconcile. She knows the cruel words they exchanged earlier that night didn’t mean anything and they shouldn’t just throw their 20+ year marriage away.

The next morning, Wes destroys the flashdrive. Annalise calls Bonnie (who’s in bed with Asher), distraught over the fight with Sam. Michaela finally signs the prenup as a gesture of good faith to her future mother-in-law. Connor lies to Oliver about his behavior the night before, saying he has a “drug problem”. Bonnie calls the Keating Five (Wes, Connor, Laurel, Michaela, Asher) for a meeting at Annalise’s place.

Annalise explains everything about Sam and Lila’s relationship, Sam’s disappearance, and she tells them that the police will be interviewing all of them since they worked on the case. She emphasizes the need to be as honest as possible, and looks directly at Wes asking them to promise to do that for her. Wes replies, “Of course. Whatever you need.” The two share a knowing look.

*Final Revelation: When Wes went back to Annalise’s house for the trophy, Annalise was there! Wes looked down at Sam’s body with a regretful, “I’m sorry.” Annalise replies from across the room, “Don’t be.” HOLY %!&@!!! She’s in on it.

Verdict: The episode was actually very predictable, all things considered. And we still don’t know for sure who killed Lila. All signs point to Sam, but this hasn’t been confirmed in a flashback, which leads me to believe that it’s still up in the air. Did Annalise kill Lila and pin it on Sam? Maybe Annalise knew about the affair from the very beginning and she’s been playing dumb this whole time. It might explain her own affair with Nate. (Or she’s just a hypocrite.) Since we know she’s capable of covering up her husband’s murder, who knows what else she’s capable of?

I almost feel like they waited too long to give us this reveal, even though it’s only episode 9. Many of the scenes in “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” were recycled from previous episodes so it was just retreading old territory. The important part was seeing Sam’s murder play out, and I don’t think it packed a big enough punch. I did think Annalise and Sam’s fight was pretty riveting stuff, at least from an acting perspective. Nothing beats an unhappy marriage in which the husband and wife practically want to kill each other.

What did you think of the episode?

Grade: B-