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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: “Once Upon A Time in the West”

What comes after a wedding? Well, usually a honeymoon. But thanks to the impromptu wedding in the Hamptons, and Kate Beckett using all her vacation time searching for Richard Castle when he went missing before their wedding, she has no vacation time left. So, that tropical honeymoon will have to wait.

But that isn’t Castle and Beckett’s biggest problem. It seems Lanie, Esposito and Ryan aren’t as excited as Castle and Beckett when they invite the trio over the loft and announce they got married. Lanie is distraught she gave up carbs for months, in case she had to fit back into her maid of honor dress, and Esposito and Ryan rebuff Castle for denying them a chance to deliver the speech they had planned.

Lanie does bounce back telling Kate she is taking her to dinner and they are ordering the whole dessert cart. Then she hugs Beckett exclaiming “you’re married.” But won’t let Castle in on the hug.

When Beckett gets a call about a murder, Castle and Beckett set out to the morgue to check out the body because Ryan and Esposito are pouting saying they didn’t get the call.

Great lines as Castle and Beckett are walking and talking on the way to the murder victim (which is very different then past walk and talk moments to a murder scene):

Kate: “Who knows what they are doing at OUR loft” (Just like Castle, I felt all giddy with the “our loft” comment.)

Castle: “Mrs. Castle”

Beckett answering back: “Mr. Beckett”

Turns out the murder victim was coming back from a dude ranch in Arizona. All the clues state she was poisoned there and just made it back to New York to die. The local sheriff isn’t cooperating and Castle suggests he and Beckett “pose” as newlyweds and find out who the killer is.

In a great moment, Beckett is ganged up on by not only her new husband but Captain Victoria Gates who states “Your husband might be right?” HUSBAND!!! Gates even agrees they should head out to Arizona.

Castle is overjoyed to head out to Arizona exclaiming it can be like a honeymoon but Beckett frowns and says it isn’t their honeymoon.

Great moments when they arrive at the Diamondback Ranch

  • Castle and Beckett getting dressed in old west outfits
  • Castle being amazed at the dude ranch owner’s quick draw with his gun – and saying he wants to be that when he grows up – and Beckett quickly coming back with “If you grow up.”
  • Castle and Beckett trying to get information from their gay cowboy next door neighbor in the bunkhouse
  • Castle and Beckett splitting up looking for a possible suspect – Castle gets to head to the saloon and Beckett gets to attend a hog calling class (bonus moment from that scene is when Beckett takes off her cowboy hat and kisses Castle telling him to be careful)
  • Castle and Beckett heading out on a covered wagon looking for a clue – Castle naming the horses Esposito and Ryan
  • Castle giving Beckett an old west hand gun, a matching set to his, as a wedding present
  • Beckett almost thinking this might be their honeymoon as they are alone around a campfire … She kisses Castle and gets up to undress only to be interrupted by a snake – She shoots at the snake and scares the horses leaving them stranded.
  • Beckett getting a wardrobe change into an all-black outfit and hat (it left Castle speechless)
  • Castle and Beckett going out to look for lost treasure, even getting to search in an abandoned mine only to find clues for their murder investigation.

As for the murder victim, she was killed by the Dude Ranch owner. The woman’s father, whom she believed abandoned her before she was born, was actually murdered after he and his partners found the lost loot of a pair of outlaws. The dude ranch owner killed him and forced the third partner to keep quiet.

Castle is alone with the dude ranch owner, after Beckett goes with the local sheriff to retrieve the skeleton they found in the old mine. It is then Ryan calls and tells them it is actually the dude ranch owner who is the murderer. Castle squares off with the dude ranch owner in a gun fight and as when he tries to pull his gun it bobbles out of his hand. But never fear, Beckett, silhouetted in the doorway of the saloon, shoots the gun out of the killer’s hand and saves the day and her new husband.

There was a great moment when Captain Gates pretty much lays on a heavy guilt trip on Esposito and Ryan after they are continuing to grumble about not being invited to Castle and Beckett’s wedding. She tells them their friends have been through hell and if they have found a way to get past it and be happy, then they should be happy about for them too.

It is time for Castle and Beckett to leave – they have to get back to New York since, remember, she doesn’t have leave time. As Castle is loading the bags into the stage coach, she is lassoed by Beckett who has changed clothes again – this time into a frilly white western themed dress.

Beckett tells Castle Ryan and Esposito each gave up two vacation days to her so they have four free days. And maybe this can be their honeymoon. Castle is surprised when Beckett says she wants to stay at the dude ranch but then Beckett quickly asks if later they can still go on their tropical vacation. He assures her they can.

As the camera pans they embrace each other and kiss.

The “honeymoon episode” as it will forever be deemed was a solid episode and a real pay-off for the fans. It was Castle and Beckett enjoying their newly found wedded bliss but also throwing in some great Castle and Beckett banter. Again proving when you get a Castle writer who knows how to write Castle and Beckett as a couple you get a real gem.

Bonus points scene: Martha going on and on after Beckett and Castle announce their wedding to Lanie, Esposito and Ryan. As a mother will do she bragged about the setting, the scenery and the white doves being released. It took Alexis to defuse the situation usher Martha away as Lanie, Esposito and Ryan stewed over not being invited.