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Video Game Trailer Round-Up: Assassin’s Creed, The Evil Within, Grave, and More

Check out these new trailers for some of gaming’s most anticipated releases!

Fight For Your Life in The Evil Within

Get a closer look at all the awesome things that can kill you in The Evil Within! Traps, monsters, an apparently unkillable creature called the Keeper – Krimson City is infested with these things, all aiming to slaughter poor detective Sebastian Castellanos in as gory a way as possible. Seriously, this trailer is practically soaked in blood and viscera. I kinda feel like I need a bath after watching this.

At least Sebastian gets a plethora of weapons to defend himself with like the agony crossbow, which you can load up with bolts crafted out of traps. The Evil Within drops October 14 for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Alien: Isolation Launch Trailer

Reviews have been pouring out for Alien: Isolation since its release yesterday, and for the most part they’re pretty good. We got a chance to look at the game for our coverage of GameStop Expo last month, and what we saw of it (when we weren’t too busy gawping at the gigantic alien egg pod) looked great. To celebrate the release, Alien: Isolation has a shiny new launch trailer that goes more in depth with Amanda Ripley’s plight.

Cinematic Story Trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Featuring inexplicable British accents in 18th-century France (okay, so they explained that here but I’m still not buying it), Unity now has a story trailer that introduces a few of the characters you’ll meet in the game.

Here’s the official game description: “In Assassin’s Creed Unity the French Revolution is in full swing and the city and its people are embroiled in chaos. As the people of Paris find themselves wrapped up in an epic, bloody struggle, Arno will have to navigate shifting alliances, betrayal, and conspiracies to steer the revolution and uncover the truth.”

There Are Giant Burning Wicker Men in Grave’s Latest Trailer

With the help of eerily empty desert landscapes, ghoulish creatures, and a mildly terrifying song crooning about murder, this new trailer for Broken Window Studios’ first person open-world survival horror game Grave is pretty darn creepy. Successfully funded through Kickstarter, the game features, among other things, a dedicated day/night cycle, dynamically changing world, and a variety of light-based weapons to defend against the monsters that come crawling out in the dark.

A playable demo for Grave is currently available at their official website, with a full release of the game expected early 2015 for Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Salvation Lies At The End of The River In The Flame In The Flood

Speaking of Kickstarter funded video games, there’s one currently going for The Flame In The Flood, a survival game from “the Art Director of BioShock and a team of veterans of the BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series.” You play as Scout, a seasoned survivalist wandering the lands with her faithful dog Aesop, as she tries to make it to the end of the river where “salvation” waits.

The art style of this looks cute as heck, the music – an original song by Chuck Ragan, also titled “The Flame In The Flood” – is a perfect fit for the trailer, and the game’s permadeath function adds another layer of interest to the game. As of the writing of this article, they’ve already made over $60,000 on Kickstarter with 29 days left to go.

The Flame In The Flood is set for release in 2015 for PC and Mac.

What upcoming games are YOU excited for? Tell me all about them in the comments!