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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 5 Recap: “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

Bonnie and Damon are still trying to get out of their 1990s purgatory, along with dealing with the murderous Kai, while Stefan is dealing with his murderous ex-girlfriend turned vampire. And Elena, well she is trying to move on, while Alaric is trying to hide his attraction to the sexy doctor Jo.

Of the group, Damon is the winner as he escapes his purgatory by the end of the episode. Bad news is Bonnie is still there. How does this happen? Bonnie discovers Kai lied and he can’t just steal her magic and get out of purgatory. Frustrated with him, Bonnie sends a stake through his heart, shocking Damon who believes she has just ended their chance of escape.

Bonnie tells him, no, Kai never knew the spell to get them out. But she does – as she discovers Kai needed her because it would take Bennett blood. As Bonnie is about to perform the ritual, Kai shoots her with an arrow. He tells Bonnie and Damon he has tried over and over to kill himself but always comes back. As Damon and Kai fight, Bonnie retrieves the gadget that can send them home. When Bonnie realizes she won’t make it, she uses her magic to push Kai off Damon and sends him back leaving her and Kai back in 1990s purgatory.

Meanwhile, Stefan dumps his murderous newly made vampire girlfriend Ivy off on Caroline. Ivy embraces the vampire blood lust and runs amok. Caroline is enraged when she finds out Stefan has abandoned Ivy, and her as well, as he had planned to slip a daylight ring under Caroline’s door and leave town still singing his tired old tune that he is looking to start a new life. Carolina is furious with Stefan and tells him she wishes he would just go.

Elena is looking for some normalcy and asks Liam to go to the corn maze party. She also encourages Alaric to get out and have some fun and come as well.

As Tyler is driving to the party, he gets a text from Liv, taking his eyes off the road, and he hits a guy in the road. After hitting him, Tyler cuts a swath through the corn maze hitting and injuring numerous people. To his horror, of not just hitting the guy, is that the guy is dying. Should he die, or any of the people he hit, his werewolf curse will be activated again.

Elena and Liam fight to help the people injured, Elena providing her blood to heal some, when Liam isn’t looking. Alaric fights off his need for blood as he helps Jo with the injured as well.

Tyler frantically calls Elena telling her what happened and she tries desperately to find him, so she can heal the guy he hit, but she can’t find him. Liv, however, does find him and when they realize the guy Tyler hit is grievously injured she kills him, taking on the burden and stopping the Tyler’s curse from activating.

Caroline is spending her night tracking down Ivy and when Ivy calls and tells her she knows she messed up, Caroline says she is on her way. She is too late, though, as Tripp finds Ivy and takes her away. Caroline arrives just in time to see Ivy being taken.

Alaric tries to compel Jo, at the end of the night, saying he is no good for her and she should just forget him. But to Alaric’s surprise, Jo can’t be compelled.

Elena ends her night by kissing Liam.

And Stefan, he ends up in the family crypt lamenting his situation surrounded by dead family members. He says the only one not there is Damon, who is dead, but not in the crypt. When Stefan throws the bottle of booze he is drinking, it doesn’t land on the floor, but in the hands of Damon who has returned to the land of living, or undead. The two brothers embrace.