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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 2 Recap: “Yellow Ledbetter”

Alaric and Elena spent most of this week’s The Vampire Diaries trying to erase Damon from Elena’s memory (queue flashbacks to previous episodes) and he was stuck when they hit a wall – she can’t get past remembering Damon was her boyfriend. Alaric calls Caroline for help and she says Elena first knew she loved Damon when she was still with Stefan; oops Stefan overhears.

Caroline, meanwhile, cautions Elena not to erase Damon – she is still chasing down clues to try and get Damon and Bonnie back. Picking up Enzo along the way, Caroline finds Stefan to try and get him back on his fact finding quest to bring Bonnie and Damon back. Stefan has given up and says he is tired. It is then that Caroline says he doesn’t realize how much she missed Stefan, she left him so many messages about it – but realizes Stefan never listened to her message. She is distraught.

Enzo can’t abide Stefan giving up. In his twisted sense of loyalty to Damon, he vows to squash any attempt by Stefan to start over and give up searching for Damon. How does he do it? Enzo’s first act is to kill the girl Stefan has been seeing. That was a shocker.

And what of Damon and Bonnie? They are stuck in some weird time loop purgatory from the 1990s. As they adjust to their Groundhog Day experience they realize someone else is with them when the crossword puzzle is completed (and neither of them did it).

Elena freaks out because the attempts by Alaric to erase her memory aren’t working until Alaric forces her to admit the truth. He tells her she was lucky enough to love two people and it is okay to love them both. As she begins to cry, she finally tells Alaric the truth. It was her birthday, she and Damon were looking for Stefan, and she had decided not to go to her birthday party thrown by Caroline – until Damon gave her  a birthday gift. It was a necklace Stefan had given her – he knew how much it meant to Elena and it gave her hope. She admits it was the most selfless Damon had been and in that moment she loved him.

After her admission, Elena tells Alaric she is ready for him to erase her memory. And then he erases Damon from her memory –the only memory she has is when Damon killed Jeremy. All the other memories, of tenderness and love by Damon, are gone. All Elena knows of Damon now is that he is Stefan’s brother, he was a monster, and now he is dead.

Oh, and there’s Tripp the community watch leader who is a founding member of the town’s lineage. And he is not so clueless. After chatting with Matt, Tripp is carting a group of vampires into the no magic or supernatural zone of Mystic Falls and introducing them to the sun and watching them burn.