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‘Selfie’ Episode 2 Recap: “Un-Tag My Heart”

I’m glad this episode of Selfie showed that Henry (John Cho) needs just as much “fixing” as Eliza (Karen Gillan). That was one of our biggest complaints about the pilot and “Un-Tag My Heart,” which was a definite improvement from last week, showed that Selfie is interested in telling a far more varied story.

Henry has to change just as much as Eliza does, and while this is still very much a TV show about Internet things like Facebook and Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you which Game of Thrones character you are (Henry is Sansa Stark, of course), Selfie is a character study, as well. Both Eliza and Henry have trouble connecting with people and maintaining healthy relationships; they just go about it in different ways.

The presence of social media in this episode wasn’t nearly as grating as it was in the pilot. Like I said, Selfie is a show about how social media helps or hinders our everyday lives, and you either get on board with the premise or you don’t. But I was glad to see that they weren’t bombarding us with Internet lingo every five seconds. I actually found Henry’s misadventures into Facebook quite enjoyable and funny.

In “Un-Tag My Heart,” we have Eliza learning to distinguish between a booty call and a full-fledged romantic relationship that goes beyond the word “Sup” sent to her in a text message. But Henry isn’t just there to patronize Eliza and play the hero with a superiority complex. He’s making an effort to change his ways, as well, starting with making a Facebook account.

And Henry learns the hard way that once you go down that Facebook rabbit hole, it’s hard to get yourself out. He stays up all night perusing through profiles of past exes and old high school classmates. When he ends up accidentally tagging himself in an ex-girlfriend’s photo (which happens to be of her breastfeeding her baby), Eliza is there to help.

The conversation that Henry has after that incident – he goes to his ex’s house to apologize in person – ends up being really insightful, and it forces him to reevaluate his attitude toward work and personal relationships.

Meanwhile, Eliza takes Henry’s advice about getting a hobby instead of fixating on men (i.e. Freddy) all the time. So she decides to join a book club headed by her neighbor Bryn (Allyn Rachel), whose character is clearly based on the HelloGiggles crowd. Eliza only gets 8 pages into the book, however, and gets kicked out of her first meeting. Afterward, she runs into Charmonique (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) at a frozen yogurt shop and their conversation inspires Eliza to revert back to her old ways… before falling into a manhole.

Later, Henry’s brooding in his office when he sees Eliza posting selfies from her hospital bed. He races over there and both Henry and Eliza are surprised when Freddy shows up. Henry’s hostility toward Freddy at the hospital implies jealousy. Most of the episode didn’t focus on Henry and Eliza’s will-they-or-won’t-they status as a future beloved TV sitcom couple, but that hospital scene is a different story.

At the end credits, Henry reveals that he took down his Facebook account and we see that he’s parked outside Eliza’s apartment building. He even volunteers to wake Eliza up every hour all night long as part of her recovery. Cute. I’m warming up to Eliza and Henry as a romantic possibility, and it’s good to see that the writers are taking their time with them.

“Un-Tag My Heart” shows that Selfie is improving and the potential we saw in the pilot is slowly being realized. I would say that it’s very much worth sticking with.