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Constantin Film to Produce ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments’ TV Series

German production company Constantin Film has announced that they’re bringing both Resident Evil and The Mortal Instruments to the small screen.

The first Mortal Instruments movie, City of Bones, tanked pretty badly both critically and at the box office, which left the fate of a film sequel up in the air. Looks like the franchise will be making its return in TV show format instead, so as to “explore this world in greater depth.” Yay? We don’t yet know whether the show will kick off where City of Bones ended or make a completely fresh start, but all I can say is I hope the casting this time around isn’t as terrible – or do they plan on getting Jamie Campbell Bower to play Jace again?

As for the Resident Evil TV series (which I am way more interested in), that won’t show up until after the sixth and final film in the franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is released in theaters. The Final Chapter doesn’t have a release date either after filming was delayed due to lead actress Milla Jovovich’s pregnancy, so looks like we’ll be waiting a while for this one. Hopefully actual details on casting or storyline will drop soon to alleviate the waiting.

What do you think of a Resident Evil television show? Are there other video game or movie franchises you’d want to get the TV treatment? Was anyone still checking for a follow-up on Mortal Instruments? Sound off in the comments!