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‘Reign’ Episode 2 Recap: “Drawn and Quartered”

Recap time for The CW’s Reign! LET’S GO.

Stéphane Narcisse’s Grand Introduction to Court

In the aftermath of Mary’s rash (yet totally justified) decision to kill that noble last episode, the noble’s father, a powerful man named Stéphane Narcisse, has his sights set on revenge. He approaches King Francis – who arrived early on in the episode with Lola and baby in tow, much to Mary’s chagrin – asking for retribution against Nostradamus, who had helped Mary cover up the execution, and the castle guards who had taken his son to the dungeons. To spare them, Mary goes to confess to her part in the plot, but it turns out Narcisse already knew that and is going after Mary’s people to punish her the only way he can.

Also he wants Nostradamus and the guards to die by being – you guessed it – drawn and quartered. For those not in the know, that’s when you tie each of a person’s limbs to four different horses and then spur them on in different directions, thereby ripping their arms and legs off. Sometimes a prequel to this involves hanging and disembowelment. Hello, nightmare fuel!

Continued “Greith” Drama is Giving Me Grief

As the castle begins to heal after the effects of the plague, Lord Castleroy is in mourning for his poisoned daughter Yvette. He blames Leith for her death, believing that Leith was only using her to get back at Greer, and that she never would’ve been in those deadly chambers if she hadn’t met and fallen in love with Leith.

Leith, in turn, feels betrayed that Greer would repeat his angry promises to Lord Castleroy. Greer later comes to Leith’s chambers to apologize, but the damage is pretty much done – and Greer accidentally rubs it in even more when she says she hopes one day she’ll stop regretting loving Leith.

Lord Castleroy is waiting for Greer when she finally returns home. He tells her he knew she was in love with another when he married her, but that he didn’t know how it would feel… and he’s decided to leave town for awhile to visit his other children, without her.

Bash Moonlights as a Private Investigator

Bash shows up at the cemetery asking questions about Narcisse and is told that Narcisse murdered people and stole the deeds to their lands, dumping their bodies into plague victims’ mass graves to cover up his crimes. After the undertaker skedaddles, a peasant woman shows up with a handy speech explaining this season’s big supernatural happenings: those who died at court may have gotten a proper burial, but the same can’t be said for the peasants afflicted with plague. Throwing bodies into one mass grave and slapping a sloppy wooden cross on top isn’t enough to help their spirits move on. A door has been opened between the dead and the living, and if the dead aren’t guided through, the door will stay open forever.

Like that creepy girl told Bash last episode, there is gonna be one hell of a reckoning coming.

Operation Takedown

Mary goes to confront the priest that Pierre Valent – the noble Narcisse’s son had had assassinated – did confession with before his untimely death. The priest tells Mary that Narcisse and Valent had conspired to steal from the Vatican, but after killing a Cardinal to prevent discovery, Valent had become overwhelmed with remorse. Narcisse had sensed Valent’s oncoming betrayal and murdered him and his family to silence him forever. Despite what he knows, the priest refuses to testify, and Mary is again at square one.

Meanwhile, Bash tells Francis what the village woman said. Francis is skeptical at first, but becomes obviously unnerved at the thought of ghosts roaming the castle looking for revenge. He later goes to visit his late father’s tomb, where Catherine gives Francis some tender motherly advice: claim Lola’s son as his own now, or he will regret it, and possibly lose his only chance to be a father. This is Catherine we’re talking about so there’s most definitely something in this that will benefit her, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t some good ass advice. (But poor Mary!)

Shit starts going down when Narcisse begins to threaten Francis only to be interrupted by Francis’ outspoken cousin Louis Condé, who openly accuses Narcisse of murders and asks Francis to think before agreeing to execute Nostradamus and the guards at the say-so of some greedy nobles. It’s obvious to everyone watching this episode that Mary isn’t going to allow this execution to go down, but everyone else seems to be surprised as hell when she bursts in and claims that Valent wrote down his confession before he died. Narcisse is screwed… at least until Francis, too, bursts in, orders Mary to go to her room, and bargains with Narcisse to get him to drop the charges against the men and go calm the feisty nobles down.

In case it wasn’t already hella clear, this was all planned between Mary and Francis to get Narcisse to do what they wanted while still believing himself in control. (Sucks for Leith, though, whose lands have been taken away and given to Narcisse as part of his deal with Francis.) Before the episode’s end, Francis appoints Bash to be King’s Deputy, Mary sees Nostradamus off as he rides away from the castle and Catherine’s influence, and they both visit Lola’s baby, Richard, as Mary gives Francis her blessing to claim Richard as his son. Aww.

The cutesy moment doesn’t last long; a servant comes in to help Francis with the baby but ends up possessed by the ghost of Francis’ crazy father who is apparently hellbent on revenge on his “usurper.” OH SHIT.

Memorable Quotes

Catherine: Please don’t tell Francis I mistook my illness for the plague. It’s embarrassing.

Mary: [Catherine] was mortified she overreacted to her symptoms. She hates being vulnerable. It is hard not to enjoy it.

Catherine: Your actions spared no one, saved nothing, and cost us all dearly!

Narcisse: You command nothing! I don’t fear you. I don’t fear your husband. Because without me, without the other nobles, your power disappears. We are the outside world, and we surround you.

Narcisse: An example must be made. So when the dawn comes, Nostradamus and your guards will be drawn and quartered.
Mary: That is a horrific and agonizing death.
Narcisse: This is what they want. This is what will satisfy them. And you will learn never to cross me again.

Mary: I know I told you to go to Lola, but then the plague came and you knowingly abandoned me to a nightmare. You are the king who deserted his castle, and I am the queen who was left behind. Alone. Alone because of your mistakes.

Undertaker: Same thing happens every plague. Justice suffers and dies with the rest of us.

Louis: Trust no one but yourself. Trust your sense of what is right and what is wrong. Because when the dawn comes and those men are led outside you’ll have to decide what kind of king you want to be.

Catherine: I’m afraid there is no plan, my old friend. I’m so sorry. But I shall make sure you are remembered. All your works will be published. I will have sonnets written. And… a statue built. In Paris.

Mary: The world is a cruel place, and it’s cruelest to the weak. They are bullied, sacrificed, mocked and murdered and they die in agony. Give him your name. Give your baby your name.
Francis: Not even my name can make him safe.
Mary: No, but it can make him safer.

Comments + Verdict

  • Slow motion sexin’, are you serious
  • Not assassinating that noble for Narcisse’s son last week was a giant mistake with an even bigger death toll but I still love Mary and her idealistic queenly ways. Bless her for trying so hard
  • Narcisse is a horrible person but I kinda love him as a villain. This is good, since he’s apparently going to stick around for awhile as Catherine’s new “sparring partner”
  • On a related note, Narcisse and Catherine should (and most likely will) bang at some point
  • The Greer/Leith stuff is really played out at this point, I’m not here for it
  • I am, however, totally here for that Catherine + Nostradamus scene. Finally Nostradamus gets some decent material (even if it is just angry screaming and one last bit of pettiness before walking to his death), and Catherine’s expression when she realizes Clarissa might be alive is EVERYTHING
  • More than a little excited for ghost!Henry, but I hope he keeps randomly possessing servants for awhile before taking on his old corporeal form, just because I think it’d be hilarious for him to pop up at dinnertime and spoil everyone’s appetite.

Rating: A-