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An Overview: ‘Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call’

While venturing into my town’s video game store, I saw Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call was available to buy. I had seen a few photos of the game but did no research before purchasing. And because of that I figured I was buying a DDR type game featuring the various characters from the Final Fantasy franchise. I couldn’t have been more wrong and I couldn’t have been happier.

So many features and so little time to unlock them all. Theatrhythm has three modes and those modes can be broken down into smaller sections. There’s versus: where a player can battle against either bots in a ranking system of bronze to gold, or against other people through the use of WiFi.

And then there’s the Quest Melodies. Use your party to get through areas in order to beat the final boss. Each area is a certain level meaning your party should be in, around or above that level before attempting.

Then Music Stages. Play various stages featuring music from each Final Fantasy game released up until now. Within these stages there are three alternate game modes each different in their play style and objective. This is where having a party and specific characters comes into play.

There’s so many characters from the franchise to unlock. Have Cloud, Lightning, Vivi and Zack in your party. Or choose from a dozen other characters once obtained. There’s also specific music stages, character designs for the appearance of player profiles and quest levels all in need of unlocking.

Each Final Fantasy Character unlocked can be leveled up by playing of the game modes. Gain abilities that can be equipped as the characters level up. As well, a player can obtain many items after each stage has been cleared. Use these items to better your party and gain bonuses for more difficult music stages. And crystal pieces can also be gained through milestones. Obtain enough crystals and choose which character you want to be playable for you.

So much more can be unlocked, obtained, played, and enjoyed. But it sort of spoils the fun to know each and every player, item and ability that can be available through avid playing. What I can tell you is I shut the game off my first night because my hand began to cramp so badly from non-stop playing. I was so surprised by the fun factor of Theatrhytm. Initially, I thought this was just a money grab by Square Enix but after playing for hours for so many days I can see they really thought out this game before releasing it.